White and Private Labelling

White Labelling, the pure collection, organic skincare,

Did you know you could literally purchase exactly the same product, one perhaps from a pound shop, and the other from a high end beauty boutique for a lot more money, both products made in mass, with exactly the same ingredients and contents made in the same factory, with just a different label added with the different brand name?

It may be surprising to learn that many skin care products, from both niche and corporate brands, are sourced from the same factory and contain exactly the same ingredients.

One brand could sell this formulation at a mass market low price in the pound shop for example, whilst the same formulation could be sold by another brand as a high-end luxury product at a premium price. (With no justification other than profit greed).

The skincare industry has prayed on peoples insecurities getting them to buy the expensive products to solve all their self-esteem woes, and the higher the price, supposedly the better the results.

When it comes to marketing skincare, confidence is the major battle. What people are buying is not magic in a bottle, it is confidence.

White Labelling:

When white labelling, a brand is not able to change the formula in any way, what differentiates one brand from another is the brand’s image as portrayed through their story, packaging and marketing.

It does allow a brand to sell cheap and fast, although the cost savings may not necessarily be borne by the customer.

However, questions could be raised about the brands transparency and their credibility, as well as the quality of the final product.

Private Labelling:

…is a product sourced and formulated to a brand’s own specifications, in large volumes, and sold by that brand for exclusive sale.

Here, a brand can modify the product, the size, colouring, ingredients etc. as it is their own formulations that are being manufactured.

The difference between private labelling and in-house production is the lack of manufacturing control as well as quality control that the brand has on the final product.

It is an easy, simple and often fast way for brands to come to the market, and is of course the route that the majority of celebrity brands take, as well as many general ‘wellness’ brands who sell a multitude of products under their name.

With both White and Private labelling, a brand does not necessarily have to undertake the trials and tribulations of manufacturing their own products.

It may be possible to find out if your favourite brand is outsourcing, but it is highly unlikely a brand will admit to it, particularly white labelling. (Google may be your friend with the correct search words).

‘White Labelling in the cosmetics industry is also known as ‘dupes’

We at The PÜRE Collection enjoy creating our own formulas and can vouch for them being made in-house by us, and of course all of our products undergo strict tests with both outside independent certified product safety and regulatory affair laboratories, testing centres and Ecocert to ensure all our ingredients are organic, all protocol and safety and governmental regulations are adhered to.

We are proud to be transparent and credible, we prefer to keep a rein on our quality and freshness.

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