What is Oud Oil and Agarwood


The Mystique of Oud

So what is Oud? A quick Google search will reveal immediately the top brands trying to sell you Fragrances and Perfumes.

Fragrances and perfumes are synthetic chemicals made to smell like Oud, but they are not real Oud. 

Oud is believed to be a powerful natural aphrodisiac, it also has great calming properties, but it is more commonly known and loved for its rich aroma, a warm floral aroma mixed with balsamic and woody notes.

When it is used in a formulation with other oils, Oud is often the base note, base notes will stay for many hours on the skin, unlike middle and top notes.

Where Oud originates

Agarwood is a resinous wood occurring in the Aquilaria tree found in South and Southeast Asia.

When the Agarwood is infected by fungus, it creates a resin called ‘Oleoresin’ from which Oud is made.

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Naturally, the production of this resin can take many years to form, and the older the resin, the more highly valued it becomes.

Estimates suggest that the resin occurs naturally to only 7% of the trees.

The reason why it is so expensive is the scarcity, the Aquilaria tree is now an endangered species, its population has decreased over 80% over the past 150 years.

The oil is one of the most expensive oils in the world. Top grade Oud can cost over $50,000 per kilo.

 The Oud industry was worth over $12 billion in 2021.

There are many grades of Oud, depending on the type of wood used, the length of distillation, all determining the quality of the grade.

Agarwood Extinction

The high cost and rarity now means that Aquilaria trees are farm cultivated, and artificially infected.

Vietnam now protects the wild Aquilaria tree and in Southeast Asia they still remain an endangered species.

Oud Substitutes

Chemical substitutes are available for perfume, the chemical substitutes are cheap to produce, however there is truly no similar species or known synthetic man made chemical that comes close to the real aroma of natural Oud.

The fungal infection that helps create the resin makes its extract very unique.

Unethical Practices

A distiller could add Hydrosol and fabricate about the length of distillation.

A manufacturer may mix a small amount of Oud with other oils or add other synthetic chemicals in an attempt to replicate the original scent and increase its quantity.

Natural or Synthetic?

We at The PÜRE Collection use only 100% natural Oud.

Our Oud is sustainable and sourced directly from Thailand, and found in our Private Blend Beard Oil.

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