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Did you know?  

To legally use the term ‘Organic,’ a cosmetic brand, can add just ONE organic ingredient in its mix, and only 1% of this ingredient actually needs to be in the product.

There is no denying there is a global awakening and movement towards organic as more people become educated and aware of the health risks associated with exposure to non-organic products (including skincare and beauty) that may contain harmful toxins and carcinogens.

Due to this trend, more brands are aligning their products and marketing towards the natural and organic space, so it is important to know the difference and what sets Certified Organic and in turn, The PÜRE Collection apart.

What is an Organic ingredient?

An Organic ingredient is one where no GMO’s, herbicides or synthetic fertilisers are used in the farming of the ingredient.

What is a Certified Organic ingredient?

To become Certified organic, a brand must adhere to undergo strict, time consuming, bureaucratic and costly regulations including annual inspections by one of the authorised organic certification bodies who designate and award the ‘Certified Organic’ verification.

Beware of a brand claiming to ‘Contain’ Certified Organic Ingredients.

If a manufacturer/brand is not Certified Organic and dispenses a certified organic ingredient from its original packaging into a product, that ingredient is no longer ‘Certified Organic’ as it may have been contaminated, that added ingredient is now only ‘Organic.’

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Certification Bodies.

There are 10 Certification Bodies that certify products for their authenticity to being ‘Certified Organic’ to COSMOS Standard, Ecocert being one of the main ones along with The Soil Association amongst others.

By having a Certified Organic logo on a product, you know you are choosing a product that says:

• NO Animal Testing
• NO Controversial Chemicals
• NO Parabens and Phthalates
• NO Synthetic Colours, Dyes or Fragrances
• NO Nano Particles

• YES to Higher levels of Antioxidants (up to 60%)
• YES to Sustainably Sourced Organic Ingredients
• YES to Transparent Manufacturing Processes
• YES to Biodegradable Ingredients
• YES to Minimal Packaging with Maximum Recycled Content
• YES to Protecting Wildlife and Biodiversity

We use Ecocert as our Certifying Body they ensure that we meet the strict enforcement that all of our products, packaging and working methods are of the highest standards so that our customers can make the right choice when it comes to buying our skincare range.

Ecocert Logo for COSMOS certified Organic skincare, the pure collection                         Being ‘Certified Organic’ means that all of our non-Certified Organic products are manufactured separately from our Certified Organic products.

Our only non Certified Organic product is our Detox Mask containing Honey.


To become Certified Organic is a highly regulated process.

We must comply with Ecocert’s standards throughout the life cycle of each product, including, laboratory operating procedures, product chain, purchasing, invoicing, warehouse operating procedures and environmental policy including waste management and ensuring that our standards help the environment and promote the use of ingredients from sustainable practices and organic farming.

You should also look for the COSMOS Standard logo on your skincare products as well as the Certification Bodies logo.
If just the Certification Bodies logo is shown, it could mean that the ingredients are only agricultural, not skincare approved.

The COSMOS Standard inspects all methods of sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and control of cosmetic products.

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The Key provisions of Ecocert are:

The origin and processing of Ingredients.

We provide evidence to Ecocert that all of our ingredients are organic with proof of purchase from our suppliers ensuring that they are organically grown and ethically sourced.

Our ingredients are certified according to organic farming regulations, including inspections of farm fields and processing facilities, record keeping and periodic testing of soil and water.

The composition of total product.

We provide to Ecocert the breakdown of the total amount of each ingredient used in our compositions, again, with proof that every ingredient is organic. 

Storing, Manufacturing and Packaging.

Ensuring adequate cleanliness, hygiene and traceability throughout all processes. 

We provide evidence to Ecocert that we purchase and use only organic cleaning products and regularly clean our premises with said products and all working areas are kept to high standards.

To ensure that packaging respects the environment, we use 100% recyclable packaging.

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Environmental Management.

Ecocert details the requirements for care of the environment throughout the manufacturing process, and managing, minimising and recycling waste.

We supply evidence to Ecocert that we recycle as much of our materials as we can, and that we use the minimal amounts of energy.

Labelling and Communication.

Ecocert require comprehensive details for clear product labelling and company advertising to ensure we provide all the necessary information for our customers with no misleading claims.

Our advertising, website, labelling is clear, honest and not misleading in any way.

We are transparent and never use any Greenwashing terms.

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Annual Inspection.

An annual inspection of our premises is required by Ecocert to ensure and to verify we are abiding to their strict rules and regulations. 

There are two types of COSMOS standards, ‘COSMOS Organic’ or ‘COSMOS Natural.’

The COSMOS Organic Certification means:

A minimum of 95% of all ingredients are organic.
This is the Certification The PÜRE Collection has.

The COSMOS Natural Certification means:

 A minimum of 50% of all ingredients are plant based, and a minimum 5% of all ingredients must be from organic farming.



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