What is Certified Organic.   

Cosmetic products have no legal standards for the using the term ‘Organic’.

To legally use the term ‘Organic,’ on a cosmetic brand, a company can use just ONE organic ingredient in its mix, and only 5% of this ingredient needs to be in the product.


Ingredients where no GMO’s, herbicides or synthetic fertilisers were used the farming.

Certified Organic

Brands must adhere to above, and undergo strict, time consuming and costly regulations including annual inspections by one of the authorised organic certification bodies who designate and award ‘Certified Organic’ verification.




Certification Bodies

There are 10 Certification Bodies that certify products for their authenticity to being ‘Certified Organic’ to COSMOS Standard, Ecocert being one of the main ones along with USDA and The Soil Association, amongst others.

By having the Certified Organic logo on the product, you know you are choosing a cosmetic product that says:

NO Animal Testing
NO Controversial Chemicals
NO Parabens and Phthalates
NO Synthetic Colours, Dyes or Fragrances
NO Nano Particles

YES to Higher levels of Antioxidants (up to 60%)
YES to Sustainably Sourced Organic Ingredients
YES to Transparent Manufacturing Processes
YES to Biodegradable Ingredients
YES to Minimal Packaging with Maximum Recycled Content
YES to Protecting Wildlife and Biodiversity

We choose to use Ecocert as our Certifying Body to ensure that we meet the strict enforcement that all of our products, packaging and working methods are of the highest standards so that our customers can make the right choice when it comes to buying our skincare range.





Obtaining proof of Organic status from all of our suppliers ensures that all of our ingredients are Organic*

ALL of our packaging, including our bottles, lids and boxes are 100% Recyclable.
Our cleaning products are ALL Organic.

Being ‘Certified Organic’ means that all of our non-Certified Organic products are manufactured separately from our Certified Organic products.


We must comply with Ecocert’s standards throughout the life cycle of each product, including, laboratory operating procedures, product chain, purchasing, invoicing, warehouse operating procedures and environmental policy including waste management, and ensuring that our standards help the environment and promote the use of ingredients from sustainable practices and organic farming.

You should also look for the COSMOS Standard logo on your skincare products as well as the Certification Bodies logo.
If just the Certification Bodies logo is shown, it could mean that the ingredients are only agriculture, not skincare approved.

The COSMOS Standard inspects all methods of sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and control of cosmetic products.

COSMOS Certifications ‘COSMOS Organic’ or ‘COSMOS Natural’.

COSMOS Organic:

Requires that a minimum of 95% of all ingredients are plant based, and a minimum of 10% of all ingredients must be from organic farming.
This is the Certification we at The PÜRE Collection have.

COSMOS Natural:

Requires that a minimum of 50% of all ingredients are plant based, and a minimum 5% of all ingredients must be from organic farming.






Beware of brands claiming to “Contain Certified Organic Ingredients”

If a manufacturer/brand is not Certified Organic and dispenses a certified organic ingredient from its original packaging into a product, that ingredient is no longer ‘Certified Organic’ as it may have been contaminated. The added ingredient is only ‘Organic’

Why we are different 

We believe in transparency and have worked hard to develop the highest quality Certified Organic skincare.

Quality, honestly, transparency and sustainability, simple as that.

We want to guarantee our customers in the best way we can, that they are buying the best product available on the market.

All of our other products are Certified Organic to COSMOS standard**

ALL of our ingredients are listed on our packaging and website as part of our commitment to transparency.

*   Proof of organic certification of all our ingredients available upon request.

** Our Detox Face Masks which are ‘Organic’