Soap on a Rope Artisanal – Organic 150 grams. £12

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100% Certified Organic Pure, Natural, Hand crafted Jasmine, Argan, Fleur d’Orange and Rose 4 cubed Soap on a Rope.

£12.00 £10.00

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Our 100% Certified Organic soap on a rope is individually hand made.  It is moulded so there may be slight variations in size and weight.

Additional information

Weight .85 kg
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 4 cm


100% Organic Olive Oil
100% Argan Oil
100% Coconut Oil
100% Organic Jasmine Oil
100% Organic Rose Otto Oil
100% Organic Neroli Oil
100% Organic Palm Oil
Sodium Hydroxide

Application Ritual

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11 reviews for Soap on a Rope Artisanal – Organic 150 grams. £12

  1. Jamie Stanhope

    A typical Christmas present purchase, but for once I used the soap rather than using it as a decoration, the smell is divine, it lasts so long, used daily each cube of soap will last me a couple of weeks. No animal bones in these soaps, that appeals!

  2. Joey Greenwood

    If you care about the environment and animals then these are the soaps for you. Hand made, Certified Organic, all natural ingredients and not tested on animals. Lovely ingredients, 4 bars and each bar is different.
    There is Jasmine, Argan, Fleur D’Orange and Rose.
    What is there not to like?!

  3. Cheryle Luckious

    For some reason, I can not get into liquid body shower gels.
    I guess I am old fashioned and still think bar soaps are better for showering, so I still buy bars of soaps from a lot of different companies.
    The Pure Collections Soap on a Rope is one of my favourites!
    The smells are incredible, it leaves my skin feeling refreshed with a very slight, pleasant tingle after.

  4. Pauline Zyireful

    Best soaps ever luxurious lathering nice smelling soap , they do wonders for your skin too.
    I will definitely buy more from now on. I would recommend this product great company to buy from.
    Next day delivery and packaged beautifully, makes a great gift.

  5. Ronni Rupinda

    A wonderful and pretty accessory for your guest bathroom and a very nice gift as well, Beautifully packaged and organic, natural and pure soap.

  6. Toby Glattberg

    I have always had a problem using soaps made from animal bones, I can never understand why people would want to put this on their face, but I guess its not well advertised or known that this is what the majority of soaps are.
    I always look for vegetarian and Organic, It is not that I am a vegetarian myself, it is honestly just that thought of rubbing bones on my skin, very off putting!
    The Pure Collections Selection is great, 4 different smells, nor overpowering, I really only use for my face and hands and each bar will last a couple of months easy.

  7. T. Whitethers

    An excellent replacement for the mass commercial soaps which come with loads of nasty chemicals. This organic, natural & pure soap is made with all natural ingredients.
    A High quality product.

  8. DSG

    A great stocking filler, knowing it is organic and not mass produced is a good feeling, and the cubes lasted a long time, fine soap and lovely presentation.

  9. Vegan

    A stocking filler, well presented, organic, not mass produced in some factory full of animal bones sure helps!

  10. Gina

    Was going to be a stocking filler, but I wrapped it up with some foil paper and it is now hanging on the Christmas tree for a small present, so it has two uses, a great Christmas decoration and Christmas present after!

  11. Naomi

    A nice little present to receive and nice knowing I am not rubbing animal bones on my skin in the shower.

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