Facial Spray – Rose Otto with Alpha 3 CMP Certified Organic 150ml. £36

£36.00 £30.00

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Our Organic Rose Otto Mist with a delicate rose fragrance is a concentrated spray that hydrates, rejuvenates and energises your skin at any time of day. Its fine texture envelops the face in a cloud of freshness.

£36.00 £30.00

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Our Organic Rose Otto Mist is 100% pure floral water distilled with Rose Otto essential oil and infused with concentrated Marine Phytoplankton (CMP).   It cools and refreshes, smooths and moisturises the skin, leaving it wonderfully hydrated and delicately scented.

Our certified Organic Rose Otto Mist with a delicate rose fragrance is a concentrated spray that hydrates, rejuvenates and energises your skin at any time of day. It corrects the visible signs of ageing, and supports the vitality of your skin.  With the addition of wild Marine Phytoplankton, harvested directly from the Canadian Pacific Ocean, it is full of rare sea minerals and amino acids.

This mist restores and energises cell structure, and ensures that your skin is well nourished.

Rose Water helps fight skin blemishes including acne, dermatitis and eczema. It tones and cools the skin helping tired skin gain a more youthful appearance whether at home, at the beach or on a plane.

Its fine mist will envelop your face in a delicately scented, cloud of freshness.

Additional information

Weight 0.195 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 22 cm


Organic Rose Otto (Rosa Damascena) floral water
Marine Phytoplankton

Application Ritual

Spray generously over face, neck and body.

14 reviews for Facial Spray – Rose Otto with Alpha 3 CMP Certified Organic 150ml. £36

  1. Marie Wenger

    Such a cooling mist, its great in hot climates and stuffy environments. I also like to use after exfoliating. All Organic, no stinging sensation, refreshing to use throughout the day in our rare hot days here in London.

  2. Tina M

    I purchased one of each of the Rose and the Fleur d’Orange mists, and my only complaint for both was that they should come in smaller sizes.

  3. Victoria Bloom

    So much choice, but I have found my favourite at last.
    I am a big fan of face mists, i use them regularly to cool down as I tend to perspire a lot.
    Many leave a sticky residue on my face, I went with an open mind on The Pure Collections mist, as it is a company I had not heard of before, but a friend had highly reccomended them.
    I was not disappointed, Organic, and so refreshing and so cooling with a lovely aroma of Rose, not that sickly sweet smell that usually comes with Rose, but a fine ‘mature’ smell (hard to put in words!)

  4. Sandy Luther

    This mist I love as it reduces my redness.

  5. Uria D

    I keep my bottle at my desk at work for whenever I need a refresher. It refreshes my skin as well as my mood making me feel like I just washed my face in the middle of the day.
    It has a non greasy feel to it which I have found with some cheaper face mists.
    I would recommend it to others as well.

  6. Rebecca Evantalious

    My skin becomes blotchy in the warm weather, and I really do not like to spray anything on it to cool down for fear of it making the blotchyness worse.
    A colleague suggested I try a spray of hers, and it was perfect, it cooled my skin imeadiatly and stopped my itchyness. I am not going to say my blotches went away, they did not, but they did noticebly reduce in the redness, so I guess it was proof there are no nasty irritants in the product.

  7. Paula A

    Impressed with this company, ordered it on a Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday.
    Other than the outer box used for postage, the water mist was over packaged, just in a net organza bag with a tag. Nice to see not too much wastage.
    The mist itself is good, I did like that the smell was not too strong, I used on my boyfriend, and he quite liked it too.
    We both agreed it cooled us off in the warm weather and we felt our skins felt refreshed after.
    Nice to see that it is Organic too.

  8. Dania DelROsa

    I use this day and night, when I go to the beach, I don’t normally wear makeup, so I apply sunscreen on my face, and then spritz this Aqua Mist on after.
    It helps me to stay feeling refreshed when the heat starts getting to me.
    I love the subtle smell of the rose.
    Also it never leaves any residue.

  9. Henrietta Jenkins-Smith

    I really love this Aqua Mist with Rose, it keeps my skin feeling fresh and hydrated throughout the day and it’s light enough that it does not disturb any of the makeup I have on.
    This product completely met my expectations 10/10

  10. Rose Zimmerman

    I use the rose mist as I do get a red face, and rose is a good helper to reduce the redness when i am perhaps hot or stressed.
    It is an instant cooler and it feels as if my skin is instantly relaxing and breathing a sigh of relief when I spray it on.
    Have been using for a couple of weeks now and I am very pleased with my purchase.
    Thank you The Pure Collection.

  11. Reva Z

    Perfect for those hot sunny days we get so often in UK. Ok, admitably the 150 ml will last a couple of years, but it really is a lovely way to cool down, just one spray on the face is all it takes.
    I use it on my kids too, they love it.

  12. Margaret A

    A light blanket of this amazing mist on the face is like bringing the cool outside inside, it works wonders to revive my tired, stressed out skin, It smells heavenly too.

  13. Bobbie Rowntree

    A lovely faint scent, not overpowering. It cools and rehydrates my skin, and makes my make up look more even. Also sometimes used to perk me up before a meeting!

  14. Georgina Balducci

    I use this mist for spritzing on my face during the day, and also use it to set my face, or in the morning after moisturiser. It smells great,. just like fresh roses. I would definitely recommend it for all skintypes.

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