Revitalising Serum Certified Organic with Prickly Pear and Marine Phytoplankton. £29 – £79

£29.00 £79.00

(27 customer reviews)

This Award Winning Certified Organic Serum, rich in antioxidants, nutrients, essential fatty acids and vitamins, is formulated to repair tissue damage, prevent moisture loss, combat flaky skin, calm irritation and reduce inflammation by re-balancing and assisting in the restructuring of the skin.

An excellent Certified Organic serum, formulated with exotic oils, is perfect for damaged or problematic skin.

£29.00 £79.00

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Revitalising Serum, rich in free radical fighting antioxidants, vitamin rich nutrients, essential nourishing fatty acids and strengthening pytoceramide is formulated in our laboratory with the thought of promoting wound healing and rejuvenation of skin cells and formulated in-house.   It improves skin elasticity utilising Tamanu, Baobab, Prickly Pear and Argan oils with the added benefit of Blue Tansy Essential oil, Helichrysum Essential oil and boosted by pure Marine Phytoplankton.   Most exclusive and sustainably sourced pure oils regardless of the cost.

Although specifically formulated for a thicker viscosity, it is very easily absorbed into the skin.

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1 ml, 10 ml, 30 ml


Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil (Opuntia ficus-indica)
Organic Tamanu Oil (Calophyllum inophyllum)
Organic Baobab Oil (Adansonia digitata)
Organic Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa)
Organic Helichrysum Oil (Helichrysum italicum)
Organic Blue Tansy Oil (Tanacetum Annuum)
Organic Bergamot Oil (Citrus Aurantium Bergamia)
Organic Sandalwood Oil (Santalum spicatum)
Organic Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)
Pure Natural Marine Phytoplankton

Application Ritual

Shake well. Apply 2-4 drops, daily at night and/or morning to face, neck, and décolleté to nourish, repair and moisturise your skin.

27 reviews for Revitalising Serum Certified Organic with Prickly Pear and Marine Phytoplankton. £29 – £79

  1. Alice Levine

    I was looking for a product to soothe my skin whilst using chemicals and I have found it with this revitalising serum.

    This oil is very moisturising and helps tone down redness and flaky skin associated with my ailment. I have always wanted to try a product with blue tansy oil because I have read about its an-inflammatory properties. Will buy again.

  2. Sam Holloway

    Discovered after a while of searching for a product to reduce the visibility of a blemish on my skin. After using for around two weeks, the product did seem to work!
    It is a very viscous oil, very thick, and does need to be rubbed in to absorb, the smell is wonderful with all the oils used, but the smell does wear off after after a short while.
    It just feels much better to use organic and real oils on my skin, perhaps it was because before I was putting too many chemicals on my face?
    The packaging is beautiful, and good to know all recyclable as well.

  3. Patricia Small

    With some rare oils here, I truly wanted to find out more about the serum, and so of course I had to purchase.
    I have had dry skin all my life, and particularly prone to dryness around the eyes, upon first using this serum I did notice it seemed to leave a red smudge on my face, i know now (after reading the leaflet enclosed!) it does need to rubbed well into the skin, but boy the results are just great.
    The dryness has almost gone, I have noticed less puffyness too.
    I use daily, I bought the small bottle initially, and after 5 weeks, it is time to buy another, this time I shall however buy the larger bottle.
    I did get a couple of free gifts with the revitalising serum, a testing bottle of Prickly Pear, and the same of Intense Serum, I must also say how lovely everything was packaged and presented.

  4. Jane Bomber Barns

    I have always been careful on using serums on my face as I have very sensitive skins, I telephone Pure, and they were good enough to send me a small sample firstly to try. This was a good move on my part.
    I now have the full size and a regular user, I have had no adverse reaction to my skin at all, I guess as there are no hidden chemicals or toxins in the ingredients, the serum is not greasy and is easily absorbed, it is leaving my skin moisturised and no longer flaky, no itchiness or irritation, the oil has a nice smell, but it does not last which is fine, for me, as it is only a serum.
    Packaging is so beautiful, it looks lovely as a gift.
    The company believe in what they do. They have been so helpful and understanding to my constant emails and phone calls. Customer service is 2nd to none.

  5. Cheryl Timmonson

    It works, a great find in a great package, love the smell!

  6. Jerry Southmen

    Shake, shake, shake, it needs a good shake to release the marine plankton from settling at the bottom of the bottle. Very interesting and unique.

  7. Anne Dudley

    Feels like you get 2 experiences for the price of one as the marine plankton on your skin feels a wee bit like an exfoliation as it penetrates into your skin along with the oil. A new find.

  8. Polly D

    I was apprehensive about buying this product as it’s more expensive than the High Street chemist brand I usually use, but I’m pleased I treated myself. After using twice a day for two weeks I have used less than half the bottle. I’m not expecting a miracle and my wrinkles haven’t disappeared, but my skin feels more supple and hydrated. I will for sure be trying more products from Pure – they are organic and free from chemicals, just like me! Love it.

  9. Tamara Dubens

    I have had acne on my cheeks for many years, this was not my reason for buying this serum from The Pure Collection, I bought it for its qualities of hydrating and improving the elasticity, a claim I sometimes do wonder. It was not a miracle cure on the elasticity front, I think that is still down to plastic surgery, but for rejuvenating my skin, thats surefire, and with the added bonus of my acne has cleared up after using for 4 weeks.
    After years and years off using prescribed medications, a pure natural organic, chemical free product did it

  10. Barbara Redowski

    What a unique experience to apply marine plankton to my face in a very interesting oil. It is a rich oil but still absorbs rather easily into the skin. Best described as earthy, herbal and forresty, with its dark green colour due to the tamanu oil and smell of tea tree, blue tansy and helichrysum.

  11. Rene Wise

    Certified Organic, Soil Association approved (COSMOS), not tested on animals, These are all pluses in my book.
    The serum smell is easily absorbed into my skin and feels comfortable straight away. With the cold weather I sometimes end up with dry patches form the wind but since using this Revitalising Serum I have not had this happen.
    No oily film on the skin.

  12. Beatrice E

    I use this serum every other day to do as it says, to ‘Revitalise’ my skin, and thats exactly what it does, I work outside a lot, and my skin does need revitalising sometimes and this is just perfect, it requires just 2 or 3 drops from the pipette, then rub into my hands and then onto my face, it is quickly absorbed and my face feels hydrated and fresh again, my bags under the eyes are reducing for sure.
    I trust The Pure Collection, this has been my third order of three different items now, and each has been superb, and each item arrived the very next day of ordering.
    I ordered the large Revitalising serum direct from the website and there were two free samples inside the box a sample of Intense Serum and a sample of Argan oil.
    A nice little unexpected extra!

  13. Liz Hartman

    Super fast delivery, the Serum is in a gold glass bottle with a glass pipette.
    I add three drops daily, that is enough to rub into my face.
    The serum is not water-like or runny, quite thick, it has a light green colour, and my skin seems to almost drink it!
    As a child I had a scar under my eye, since using the Revitalising Serum, this scar has greatly reduced, and my under eye bags are now a lot less puffier.
    I am real happy with the results so far, I purchased a small bottle initially to see how I would feel, I am happy now to buy the larger size.

  14. Lisa M

    Outstanding product – would buy it again and again – wonderful – revolutionised my skin regime, they sent me free samples to in the box I ordered!
    Fantastic value for money

  15. Bertie Jones

    Some amazing ingredients here, and formulated in-house, this was a must buy for me. I love to try new oils, I have become very jaded by the ‘big boys’ of cosmetics.
    It seems the smaller companies work so much harder and put more love and care into their products.
    Nice to see a serum with more unusual base oils too, Prickly Pear does seem to be the Oil waiting to take over from the now well used Argan Oil.
    Blue Tansy and Phytoplankton are both ingredients that I have not come across in cosmetics before, and this is what I love about the smaller independent companies.
    They are willing to break out of the mass market and discover new things.
    All the Pure Collections items are Laboratory tested and without animal testing, and all Certified Organic, now thats quiet a big claim for a small company.
    Here we have a company that cares and seem transparent.
    I telephoned them to order my Serum, and it was like the good old days, remember those days when customer service mattered? Here with The Pure Collection it still matters.
    They are going to be big, mark my words!

  16. Riana Jones

    I started using 3 weeks ago and am noticing a change in my skin, it now feels much more refreshed and hydrated and it seems my skin was begging for it.
    A thick viscosity with a green colour, it does absorb into the skin quickly.
    I pay particular attention to my eye lines and forehead, and under my eyes.
    I have been applying twice a day, and am very happy with the results.
    My lines seem to have almost faded away, (still visible, but less so!) and the bags have certainly reduced in size, all the puffyness seems to have now gone.
    I have sensitive skin, and always read the label to see what I put on my skin, and The Pure Collections products are all ideal as they are all Certified Organic and all natural oils.
    I also received a couple of free samples of their other products in the box, I am not sure if this is with all orders or I was just lucky!
    I had no nasty reaction after applying the serum.

  17. Patricia Choen

    This is super! After years of having acne on my chin, it has completely cleared up in a few days of using this serum and I didn’t even buy the product for that reason. My skin is beautiful, its so hydrated and my skin tone has become more even. I use it night and day mixed in with my moisturiser, I seen results after a few days use. I love this product and I will definitely buy it again without hesitation

  18. Susan Bloomfield

    Fantastic. Bought this sermim a couple of months back and have been using it regularly ever since. It is great for my complexion, slightly heavy but absorbs very well with great results at the end of the day.

  19. MBG

    This is the second time I have purchased this Serum from The Pure Collection.
    I tried several other products but came to the conclusion that this product gives me the best result.
    My skin is bright and plump, getting rid of any signs of small lines. I do like that it is Organic and not pumped full of nasty harsh chemicals and ingredients that I can not pronounce.

  20. Zoe W

    This is the first time I have used this and I love it, the serum soaks into to the skin without being greasy, it leaves it looking healthy and with a lovely glow, I have had lots of comments on how good my skin looks at the moment, I have been using it for about four weeks. I purchased a small bottle, but will get the large next time.

  21. Georgina Pastelli

    The Revitalising Serum is easy to use and apply with out wastage, it spreads easily and is absorbed quickly. The main thing is you can really feel something happening and after a few days of morning and evening applications there are visible improvements in the lines on my forehead.

  22. Mary Clardonson

    I do not usually write reviews but honestly this serum from Pure has faded my acne marks like you would not believe! My skin looks fresher overall and it seems to have unclogged some stubborn pores. Perhaps a little expensive until you see the ingredients, they are not scents or fragrances, they are REAL oils, and certified Organic too. Well worth the money.

  23. Mary Clardonson

    Absolutely fantastic. The revitalising serum has significantly reduced the lines around my eyes and signs of ageing on my neck. My skin looks clearer, brighter and firmer. Can’t ask for more at 66!

  24. Sandy Myers

    I am liking this so much, it absorbs into the skin quickly does not leave it feeling greasy. I can honestly see a difference already. Will be recommending this to my friends and family.

  25. Zoe W

    Award winning, and not surprising, it is great, it has worked wonders on my ‘laughter’ lines not instant as so many companies will promise you and have you believe, but the results were noticable in around 3 weeks.
    It is good to see that the serum only contains natural products and all are organic.
    The packaging is superb and would make a lovely gift to anyone who ‘laughs’ as much as I do

  26. CeeCee

    Organic, even better, CERTIFIED Organic, real natural oils, not scents or aromas or fragrances. It’s like oils used to be and should be now. Real quality at last.
    Beautiful packaging, a real luxurious item, I am surprised it is not sold for much more than it is!

  27. Becky Allen

    After reading about this award winning serum, i took the plunge and purchased. Very effective. My skin looks glowing and the pores seemed to have tightened after using for 3 weeks.

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