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Moisturising – Restoring – Correcting

Award winning Intense Serum, part of the PhytoHealth™ botanical serum range.
Fast absorbing serum formulated with 12 skin-nurturing oils to amplify performance and effectively address skin concerns, tackling blemishes, dryness, dullness, pigmentation and fine-lines.

Reviving dull, fatigued skin, helping to fight the effects of free radicals that could make you look older and tired.



Does your skin need a good burst of refreshment?

You need our PhytoHealth Intense Serum

Naturally good for

Good for all skin types. Utilising powerful botanical nutrients blended to amplify performance and effectively address skin concerns, tackling blemishes, dryness, dullness, pigmentation and fine-lines.

Intense nutrition for the skin, giving a brighter, tighter, and better looking appearance.

Reviving dull, fatigued skin, helping to fight the effects of free radicals that could make you look older and tired.

Whats inside PhytoHealth Intense Serum

PhytoHealthTM Intense Serum contains 12 skin-nurturing oils rich in free radical fighting antioxidants, vitamin-rich nutrients, essential nourishing fatty acids and strengthening pytoceramide.

Marine Phytoplankton – a phytonutrient powerhouse of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Our blend includes Sea Buckthorn, Frankincense, Neroli, Marula and Prickly Pear Seed oils, all selected for their amazing skin benefits.

Utilising all the recuperative properties of some of the worlds most exclusive oils, all sustainably sourced.

How to Use Intense Serum

Shake to awaken the marine phytoplankton.

Using the pipette, dispense a few drops into the palm of your hand, and using your fingertips start to gently massage the serum into your face, neck and decollete in an upwards circular motion.

Apply morning and evening to freshly cleansed skin.

Because of Sea Buckthorn’s high beta carotene content, your skin may have an orange tint when first applied.

It is therefore recommended that you massage the serum thoroughly, and then after massaging, 10-15 minutes later any colour remaining will be naturally absorbed into your skin.

We originally intended to formulate this PhytoHealth Intense serum using the seed oil, however after rigorous testing, we discovered that the fruit oil is far more beneficial for your skin, and far outweighed the temporary tint that you may experience.

INGREDIENTS of PhytoHealth Intense Serum

Hero ingredients

Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil benefits

Antioxidant, nourishing and moisturising.

Prickly pear seeds are cold pressed to retain the oil’s incredibly high level of antioxidant vitamin E which helps to defend skin from ageing free radical damage, and vitamin K which helps to repair and soften skin, amongst a whole host of other incredible skin benefits.

Organic Sea Buckthorn benefits

Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and elasticity boosting.

The oil pressed from Sea Buckthorn plant has a long history of use in traditional Chinese and Ayuverdic medicines.

Packed with minerals and antioxidants, and the only botanical providing all four omega fatty acids 3, 6, 7 and 9.

The essential oil of the Sea Buckthorn can be extracted from either the nut or the fruit.

We choose to use the more skincare beneficial oil extracted from the fruit only.

Organic Argan Oil benefits

  • Nourishing, moisturising and anti-oxidising.
  • Argan oil is packed with anti-ageing antioxidant vitamin E and essential fatty acids.
  • It is a light easily absorbed and non-greasy oil from Morocco helping to control oil or sebum production.

Organic Neroli Oil benefits

Antiseptic, antimicrobial, antioxidant clarifying, replenishing and soothing.

Extracted from the delicate orange blossom in two formats, as the more intense exquisite precious essential oil, or as the gentler more diluted and toning flower water.

Imbued with soothing, anti-inflammatory properties, Neroli is also naturally antibacterial, giving it blemish-fighting properties whilst helping to lock in precious moisture, leaving your skin feeling softened, energised and beautifully replenished.

Organic Rose Otto benefits

Antiseptic, astringent and tonic.

One of the world’s most precious essential oils taking dozens of rosebuds to make just drops of this incredible oil.

This beautifully scented oil has soothing, healing and rejuvenating properties helping to support skin’s vitality, whilst calming both skin and emotions.

Marine Phytoplankton benefits

Packed with essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids – the building blocks of healthy skin cells.

The high zinc content of this seafaring superfood gives Phytoplankton important antibacterial properties, which further help to banish blemishes while supporting skin’s natural regeneration.

Phytoplankton enzymes brighten the skin and help remove dark circles and impurities.

PhytoHealth Intense Serum ingredient list

Prickly Pear Seed (Opuntia ficus-indica) Oil*, Sea Buckthorn Berry (Hippophae rhamnoides) Oil*, Argan (Argania Spinosa) Oil*, Marula (Scelero carya birrea) Oil*, Neroli (Citrus Aurantium amara) Oil*, Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) Oil*, Rose Otto (Rosa Damascena) Oil*, Marine Phytoplankton, Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) Oil*, Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) Oil*, Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) Oil*, Carrot Seed (Daucus carota sativa) Oil*. * Certified Organic

99% Certified Organic Ingredients
100% Natural Ingredients

Vegetarian. Vegan. Cruelty-Free.



Additional information

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Dimensions N/A

10 ml, 30 ml, Sample (2 x 1.5ml)


Argan oil, Carror Seed Oil, Frankincense Oil, Geranium Oil, Marine Algae including Phytoplankton, Marula Oil, Myrrh Oil, Neroli Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Rose Otto, Sandalwood Oil, Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil


  1. Tabatha Senna

    Looking at the ingredients alone made me want this! it was highly publicised about the nomination for the Beauty Awards, so I decided to purchase.
    The serum is very thick, and I need only 2 or 3 drops maximum on my face, it is easy to rub in and absorbs well. The black circles under my eyes have certainly decreased as have the lines around them. It is early days, and of course there are so many ‘miracle’ creams and potions and lotions out there that promise to make you look better, I still hold judgement, but so far I am impressed, and it is not a silly price AND it is real ingredients not blends or chemicals which certainly appeals.
    I did notice that there were free samples of Prickly Pear and Revitalising serum in my package, a nice touch too, I am not sure if this is because I bought direct from the companies own website.

  2. Marie Saun

    I purchased the serum 3 months ago, and wish I discovered it before. I can really see the difference. I used to use far more expensive serums, but then discovered Pure Collection through a friends recommendation, I have placed another order for my neighbour. It is good to know that that it is all natural and real oils in the product.

  3. Veronique

    This serum is just awesome. It nourishes your skin making it feel replenished and glowing so healthy. For my skin, nothing else than pure essential oils and these are the Best!

  4. Simon Patel

    The Intense serum was recommended to me by a close friend, initially I was dubious after using a very ’top of the range’ and very expensive serum. I am enthralled to find this serum. It really has seemed to work, my skin feels calmer, my underline shadows on my eyes have certainly reduced and my crows feet have decreased. I am not up to spending silly money on ’names’ any more, real quality is not about a ‘name’ I have learnt that real quality is from a new and up and coming company that has genuine openness in what they use and no secret hidden ingredients .

  5. Anel Flourie

    I can see why it has been nominated for many awards,
    The serum is very effective, after using for 2 weeks, there are
    The initial smell is lovely, rose and fresh, although this does go soon after applying.
    The ingredients are amazing, Prickly Pear seems to be the new ‘Argan Oil’ and its no wonder why.
    You do need to rub into your skin well, but it is easily absorbed.
    It does not have any sticky feel I sometimes find with other serums, and it is comforting to see there is no acid in the ingredients list.
    My skin around the eyes feels and looks much firmer, although not tight, it feels much less dryer too.

  6. Picanee Touchard

    The Intense serum was recommended to me by a close friend, initially I was dubious after using a very ’top of the range’ and very expensive serum. I am enthralled to find this serum. It really has seemed to work, my skin feels calmer, my underline shadows on my eyes have certainly reduced and my crows feet have decreased. I am not up to spending silly money on ’names’ any more, real quality is not about a ‘name’ I have learnt that real quality is from a new and up and coming company that has genuine openness in what they use and no secret hidden ingredients .

  7. Renee Johnson

    The Pure Collections Intense Serum comes with a glass pipette needs just two or three drops for the face. The serum has a rich, texture and a small amount provides good coverage – spreading well, and thinly. Absorption is quick it does not leave my skin feeling heavy or clogged..
    The serum is intended for all over facial use, for me personally the real revelation has been in my eye area, after two weeks of use, it feels lighter, smoother, hydrated and the fine line wrinkles in the corners seem to have disappeared, and the eye puffiness and lines also seem to have reduced greatly.

  8. Theresa Cowes

    I wanted to try this product as it was not only recommended by a friend but has also won a beauty award. Well deserved too as it is fantastic. Not only does it go on easily but it absorbs quickly (which is a good thing as it goes on quite red thanks to the Sea Buckthorn) and has a bonus a wonderful floral scent. Best of all it is a natural, organic premium skincare product which is very important to me as my skin is sensitive and I do not like using chemicals in my beauty regime. A real gem of a find. Next time I will definitely buy the larger size.

  9. Lisa May

    What a pleasure to find a product that does what it purports to and to find one that does not involve getting a mortgage.
    I am totally converted to this product range now – you can feel how natural it is and what high quality ingredients it contains.
    PURE is purely the best on the market
    Will be buying this again and again and again.

  10. Mary D

    Nominated for a top award, and I see why.
    Certified Organic is important to see, then to see all the amazing ingredients used to formulate this serum.
    Sea Buckthorn is an oil I had heard a lot about and was pleased to see this as an addition. this is what makes the serum red in appearance, it is known to be extremely good for skin.
    Plankton too, an interesting addition.
    When applied there is a very very slight sandy feel, I guess this is the plankton. The serum does absorb well.
    I have noticed a difference around my eyes for certain, lines are less dramatic and the terrible sacks under them are reducing big time.
    I am on my second bottle now, and soon to be third.

  11. Skin Luver

    The Pure Collections Intense Serum. This serum is very good quality. The packaging is good and classy, and three drops from the pipette are enough to cover my face.
    It does need rubbing in well, as initially it appears red in colour, but I am quite happy with that to know there are no artificial colourings or additives or harsh chemical added, this is part of the reason I paid a premium, for a premium range and for Certified Organic.
    The Intense Serum left my skin feeling smooth and looking bright. I have only been using for a week, and so far no huge noticeable differences, but I will do another review in a few weeks time to keep updated. This serum can be a great face serum for men too.

  12. Maureen Saunders

    The serum lived up to my expectations I have a delicate fair skin and found an application of the oil after cleansing in the morning and another in the evening made a visible difference to my skin. Within minutes the oil soaks in, no sensation of stickiness but rather a very smooth feel. I am so impressed with this serum have recommended it to many friends. So good to use a serum that fulfils it’s publicit

  13. Wendy Szynski

    The results of using this intensive serum are genuinely impressive.
    Over the years I have tried a number of different serums and they have all been of varying qualities and prices, but never really made any huge difference to my skin enough for mr to want to use them again regularly.
    The Pure Collections Intense Serum is different. I can feel and see a difference in my skin having used it for over a month now.
    It is great that it comes with a glass pipette as just a few drops are needed for my face and neck, I can see that my skin is tauter and smoother as a result of using it and I feel and look better and feel more confident.

  14. Saleha Drif

    The Pure Collections Intense Serum for me has been a wonderful find, I read an article about it The Sunday Times, and decided to try it for myself.
    It is good to see a small company being so passionate about all their ingredients and sourcing ONLY certified Organic and rare oils too, some of the oils in this serum I had not heard of.
    Does that matter to me? It would matter if there was an ingredient list and it was all chemicals and names I could not pronounce, heaven knows ever guess what they were, but these are all real natural oils.
    Other than that, it has worked for me. My laughter lines (which usually disappear when I spend money on serums anyway) have faded, but more so the lines around, my eyes are the most noticeable.
    I use once a day in the morning, my skin always feels hydrated, never dry.
    Certainly good value for money for a product with such fine ingredients.

  15. Bea

    A fab serum that is very light but very effective. It hydrates and leaves my skin lovely and soft. It is amazing with my moisturiser on top too and balances out my skin.

  16. Queeny

    I just finished my first bottle of this but that’s alright as I have another in the cabinet!
    I am 57 and have normal skin that tends to be somewhat sensitive. This Intense Serum works really well for me with no irritation.
    My skin is softer and less blotchy, It has also hydrated my fine lines.

  17. Victoria

    I put the serum on every morning.
    I started using a couple of months prior to a family wedding and was so pleased my skin looked firmer and younger than a months earlier, my pores also are smaller. I’m of a ‘mature’ age, and have found my skin care program at last. The Intense Serum, and any product from The Pure Collection is always easy to purchase online and have shipped with free shipping (And always a free sample too). I buy doubles so I never run out.

  18. Elsa

    I am so allergic to many products, but I am not allergic to this, I love it! It must be as it is Certified Organic and real oils and not chemically enhanced or produced oils.
    I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin since starting using this product.

  19. Petra F

    You are doing your skin a disservice not to be using this fabulous serum.

  20. Ursula AT

    use this serum in the morning, after cleansing and before moisturising. I also use it prior to makeup as I find it provides a great base for the foundation.
    My skin looks so radiant, plump and glowy when I use this serum. It is ultra nourishing and hydrating for my dry skin.
    If you are looking for a natural serum that will hydrate and brighten your skin, and boost your natural radiance, look no further than The Pure Collections Intense Serum.

  21. Judy Panletov

    I bought this about a week ago from The Pure Collection without hearing too much about it, other than a recommendation from a friend.
    I needed a new serum. I do suffer from extremely dehydrated skin and this serum is like a litre of water a day in a bottle! It’s great!
    You only need a tiny amount as a little bit goes a long way.

  22. Billy Millar

    A brilliant find. I love the scent, I could apply it all day long, just for the scent, but the best thing is that it works brilliantly on my face, absorbing in and making me feel younger.

  23. Phillipa S

    The instructions said to shake well and apply 2-4 drops to the face, neck and decollete. It was very easy to get the right number of drops using the pipette in the bottle and a small amount of oil was only needed to cover the face. The oil had an intense orange colour (from the sea buckthorn) and the instructions recommended that this would go away once the oil is thoroughly massaged into the skin. These instructions were easy to follow.
    My skin looked well-hydrated, nourished and dewy after using it for the first time.
    The oil was very thick. There is a light fragrance of roses, which I liked. A couple of drops goes a long way.
    Despite being thick, the oil rubbed well into the skin and absorbed quickly.
    I had no problems using make up over this product. I let the product sit on my face for about 10-15 minutes before using make up over it. The makeup stayed on and didn’t crease.
    It performed very wll on a day to day basis. My skin looked more hydrated. I felt that my skin looked more hydrated and even, with softer lines on my face after using it for a month. My age spots also seemed to look less pronounced. My skin felt softer.
    The product definitely delivered. I would buy it and use it again because, although it is is expensive, it has good quality ingredients and the product delivered.
    The product came in a bright gold bottle. I thought it looked a bit tacky. The gold part of the top of the bottle (where the black rubber is) became loose after a while, which is not what I would expect from an expensive product.
    Please improve the design of the bottle. A matt gold colour would look much more upmarket.
    This product is expensive – £34 for a 10ml bottle or £89 for a 30ml. I really liked the list of ingredients, which was an impressive mixture of 100% pure organic essential oils with soothing and anti-ageing properties (the main ingredients being rose otto (one of my favourites), prickly pear and sea buckthorn). I also like the fact that the product is certified organic.

  24. Marjorie Williams

    There wasn’t any instruction on the box….nor the bottle but there is a small instruction paper in the box which details how to use….text is very small however. Simple to use however my face had an orange tinge to it first time I used to so you really have to shake it to avoid that.
    Skin felt very soft after application and moisturised. Wasn’t any visual changes but loved the feel of it.
    Its quite a subtle fragrance which is ok…..wasnt overly fussed with it. The texture is quite rich….i assumed it would be greasy but it wasn’t which was a nice surprise. You do need at least 2 -4 drops for good coverage on your face. Absorbs very quickly into the skin with an instant feeling of softness
    provides a great base for make up….not greasy at all
    As an intense serum this is great for a skin boost – not sure if this is something I would use every day.Im also pale skinned…and if I apply too much it gives my skin an orange tint to it so you have to be careful how you apply it and shake it really well.
    Didn’t notice any visual changes to my skin but the overal condition felt much better, its very soft and smooth, feels moisturised and not dry. Its great for under make up
    Labelling: there wasn’t any……
    Ingredients: Lots of unusual oils which was interesting
    Packaging: Very simple and classy, looks expensive

  25. Billy-Jo

    This product comes in a gold bottle and it has a glass pipette for extracting the oil so it is easy to get just the right amount out of the bottle. I found the instructions clear and the product is easy to use. The serum is easy to apply and I was instantly impressed with the effect it had on my skin.
    I decided to use this product in the evening instead of my regular night cream. I had not used a face oil before and I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked. The oil doesn’t feel too greasy but it is very moisturising and left my skin feeling very healthy and nourished. My skin can get a little bit dry and I found using this oil really helped with that problem.
    The oil has a very pleasant floral fragrance. The oil is quite thick which makes it easy to apply to the face.
    The oil does not feel that greasy and I found it absorbed very well into the skin. The product is very concentrated and goes a long way and you only need a couple of drops for full coverage of the face.
    I used this product at night so I did not attempt to apply make up after using it.
    This product worked very well on my skin. It left my skin feeling soft and smooth and healthy looking. I found this product to be excellent against dry skin. The oil in incredably moisturising and refreshing.
    I do feel using this face oil has visibly improved the appearance of my skin. After a month of using this product my skin looks and feels a lot less dry and as a result looks more fresh and healthy.
    I did not experience any downsides to using this product. I found this oil to perform a lot better than my regular night cream. I really like the fact this product is organic and it felt very comfortable on my skin.
    I feel this product what it promises to do. It helped with my dry skin and did leave my skin with a healthy glow. I initially thought 10ml was quite a small amount for the price but I have since learned you only need a couple of drops for each application so it is longer lasting than I first thought. I would consider buying this product.
    There is nothing I would change about this product. The serum is easy to use and feels good on the skin. The product feels very luxurious; it is think, orange in colour and has a lovely fragrance and feels packed with natural goodness.
    I think this is an excellent product. What I like most about this serum is the fact it is organic and made out of natural oils.

  26. KiKi Davidson

    The serum comes in a beautiful gold bottle. It is made out of all natural ingredients which I really like. The 10ml bottle is small but considering you only need a couple of drops per application it should last some time so I think the price is reasonable.

  27. Caroline

    It was indeed intense so I felt named correctly – it feels lovely on the skin and was easy to use.
    Absorbition was good – not the best I’ve had, but better than most.
    It continued to work well. I sometimes used it with a bland plain fragrance free skin cream if I felt my skin needed it, and it complimented well.
    The problem I had is that the dropper stopped working after two weeks, which was disappointing, and I’d expect it not to for the price (which is a little expensive, but I don’t mind for the ingredients are such good quality and interesting and seem rare).
    Ultimately I enjoyed using this, it made me look as healthy as I have ever looked, and did seem to be doing some good for my skin. It felt as I was giving myself a treat.

  28. Samantha Evens

    Perfect, gorgious scent, works brilliantly, I love it !!!!!

  29. Susaan R

    The Best I have used in a very long time. It goes on smooth and absorbs quickly. The scent is delightful. I will definitely buy it again and again

  30. Shirly Hellson

    The serum is not the only thing to be mentioned here. It is also the customer service. Pure collection sent this Free Postage and Packing, amazing in this day and age, it arrived 2 days after I ordered it. I am a bit of a freak when it comes to recycling too and undertook much research to find a Certified Organic brand knowing then that also all the packaging would be recyclable as well as the product itself would be organic. The serum itself has a very slight grainy feel to it, this I guess would be the phytoplankton, the ingredients are amazing, and the results are slowly taking result, this is not a quick fix chemically enhanced product that will do you harm over they years, it is all natural. I love it. Well worth the money, in fact I do not understand why it is not more expensive.

  31. Sharon T

    Just look at the ingredients in this product, Prickly Pear Seed oil, Sea Buckthorn oil, Argan oil, Marula oil, Neroli oil, Myrrh oil, Rose Otto oil, Geranium oil, Frankincense oil, Sandalwood oil, Carrot Seed oil and Pure Marine Phytoplankton powder. Not one that you can not pronounce, all organic, all with their own individual natural healing and moisturising properties, and the most amazing, all organic, all REAL, not chemically made. The Serum has made a difference to my skin, I have been using for about 4 weeks now, it is 100% more moisturised and feels so much smoother, I am so happy to discover this brand. The only downfall is that it is not readily available in shops, however with Free Postage and Packing and fast delivery, not such a huge problem.

  32. MK

    I am now on my second bottle of this and I love it. It plumps my skin and softens my fine lines. I am 63 years old and I have used skincare products that were two or three times the price and much prefer this. I have recommended it to several of my friends and they now use it and love it as well.

  33. Daisy K

    I have been using the intense serum for a month now and have noticed the difference in my skin. I did get dry patches on the sides of my nose and around my eyes, however after using this serum after about a week, these dry patches vanished.

    On my first use my skin felt plump and smooth, and after a month it is visibly noticeable just how much smoother my skin is.
    It does take a while for your skin to adapt to anything new added to your regime, therefore I would recommend that you stick with it., the results are worth the wait.

  34. Billie

    Using the Intense serum and the results are much more noticeable since using it even on my deeper lines and wrinkles.

    I am really pleased and I will definitely be ordering again and carrying on using the Pure Collections amazing products, the bonus of being fully natural and organic is a big bonus too.

  35. BR.E

    Such a good product, I looked at the ingredients and was worried as to why it so inexpensive, especially as the brand are certified organic. I have paid so much more for real oils of this quality. The serum smells divine and the texture is thicker than maybe most, it comes with a glass pipette to easily measure the drops to put on your face.
    I only use one drop each around my eyes. The gray area has improved for sure and the sageness decreased. I used to have scars from measles on my cheek, these have virtually disappeared too. A great serum, my only small moan would be the packaging, such a huge box for a small jar, taking into account that the pure collection are Certified Organic, I would have hoped for less waste.

  36. Jess

    The power within is there. My first reaction when I applied this was horror! My skin was orangey red, then I massaged it more and the color dissipated and was absorbed. Upon reading and checking the instructions why, it is because the Sea Buckthorn the Pure collection use the berry oil rather than the seed oil (which most other brands use) which is far more concentrated and therefore better for the skin.
    Pure collection go for only the best in everything it seems, only one small beef would perhaps be the color initially, but the formula sure works, wrinkles, fine lines are going.

  37. Jamie W.

    Very happy with the results. Delicate floral scent and easily absorbed into my skin. The only downside was the deep initial color, but that vanished after about 10 minutes. At the end of the day, it delivered the results I sought.

  38. M.J.T.

    I love it and now adicted to the smell. I use it morning and night. I only use a couple of drops as I find that is all I need.

  39. Frank

    I received this as a free sample when purchasing another product from Pure, after using the sample there times, it was a must buy! My skin loves me even more now, particularly the dark areas under my eyes and fine lines that were there.
    I use every other day, just on these areas, and it is keeping these areas just as I like.
    So many great ingredients in this product.

  40. Violet

    This serum is a rare find in the world of facial products. I feels and smells wonderful, with no added chemically smelling perfume. I find that 3 drops is plenty to use for facial care. After finally finding the best product for my face, I certainly will be sticking with it. Thank you Pure Collection for this wonderful product.

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