BEARD OIL with Real Oud


Softening – Thickening – Conditioning

The hygiene, health and conditioning properties of beard oil and the skin underneath are unfortunately underrated.

Once you start using our unique Award Winning, Private Blend Beard Oil, your facial hair will become softer, the Prickly Pear seed oil will condition the skin underneath and any beard dandruff will disappear.

Your beard will smell more aromatic with the added Oud and Rose Otto and Organic oils, it will become considerably easier to style and leave you impeccably well groomed.

More Beard Oil than most, our large Beard Oil is 50ml, NOT the usual 30ml as the majority of other brands.




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Organic Beard Oil – Private Blend.

As recommended by Esquire Magazine 2021 

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No man-made Chemicals, Colourings, added Fragrances or Perfumes

The PÜRE Collections Private Blend Beard Oil with real Oud is all of the above, and made only with the finest, sustainable ingredients.

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Naturally good for:

All styles of beards, moustaches and whiskers which will look and feel softened, conditioned and beautifully groomed with this Beard oil.  Formulated to penetrate beard follicles, whilst moisturising even the driest, longest and unruliest of beards.

Designed to condition and moisturise your beard and your skin.

Without added weight, greasiness or artificial shine, your whiskers are kept naturally healthy, soft and luxuriant.

Beneath the whiskers, the natural cleansing properties of the oils help keep your skin clean and clear of beard dandruff and blemishes, whilst the anti-ageing oils help to reduce the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles.

Suitable for all skin types including dry, acne-prone and sensitive skin.

What’s inside our Private Blend Beard Oil

Prickly Pear, Marula and Baobab are blended together to soften, condition and moisturise both your facial hair and your skin, these oils are then infused with exotic essential oils including two real Oud Oils.

Also containing Neroli Oil, growth-promoting Helichrysum Oil and soothing precious Rose Otto Oil, all blended to smell incredible whilst nurturing, reducing redness, and softening both beard and skin.

How to use:

Using the pipette, drop two or three drops of the oil onto the palm of your hands and rub together to warm the oil, then massage well into your beard ensuring good all over coverage, and also that the oil reaches the skin under your beard.

Use a comb or brush to distribute the oil throughout the length of the beard and style as normal.

This non-greasy oil is quickly and easily absorbed.
Best applied to a freshly cleansed beard directly after a bath or shower.

Hero Ingredients:

Oud (Agarwood) Oil

  • Nourishing, revitalising, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial.
  • Helping to calm and soothe your skin.
  • Removing bacteria from the skin, fighting blemishes and keeping the beard and skin in good health.
  • The rich, sweet-woody aroma of Oud, also helps to ease your stress and calm the senses.


Prickly Pear Seed Oil

  • Antioxidant, nourishing and moisturising.
  • Prickly Pear seeds are cold pressed to retain the oil’s high level of vitamin E which helps to defend your skin from ageing, and vitamin K to repair and soften your skin.

Prickly pear fruit

Baobab Oil

  • Rich in omega 3 fatty acids boosting skin’s elasticity, locking in moisture and repair your skin’s natural moisture barrier.


Marula Oil


Rose Otto Oil

  • Antiseptic, astringent and tonic.
  • One of the world’s most precious essential oils, taking dozens of rosebuds to make just a few drops of this incredible oil.
  • It has soothing, healing and rejuvenating properties, supporting the skin’s vitality and calming the skin with soothing emotions.

Rose Otto, rosa damasca, Bulgarian rose otto, intense serum, beard oil, phytohealth, organic skincare, organic

Helichrysum Oil

  • Antiseptic, soothing and softening.
  • The oil from this Mediterranean plant helps promote healing, fight infection and reduce inflammation.


Private Blend Beard Oil Ingredient list

Prickly Pear Seed Oil*, Baobab Oil*, Marula Oil*, Oud/Agarwood Oil, Rose Otto Oil*, Helichrysum Oil*, Neroli Oil*, Sandalwood Oil*, Bergamot Oil*, Patchouli Oil*, Cypress Oil*, Clary Sage Oil*

*Certified Organic

99% Certified Organic ingredients
100% Natural ingredients

Vegetarian. Vegan. Cruelty-Free.

Additional information


10 ml, 50 ml, Sample (2 x 1.5ml)


Agarwood (Oud) Oil, Baobab Oil, Bergamot Oil, Clary Sage Oil, Cypress Oil, Helichrysum Oil, Marula Oil, Neroli Oil, Patchouli Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Rose Otto, Sandalwood Oil

29 reviews for BEARD OIL with Real Oud

  1. Charles

    Expensive, very expensive, but so worth it. No nasty breakouts on my skin now, this always happened when using other expensive name brands, using Pure has stopped this. Beard smells and feels superb.

  2. Frankie

    This year I was determined not to buy on mass market and not line amazons pockets and researched smaller independent companies who need our help now. The Pure Collection I came across after reading rave reviews In a daily newspaper, and seemed the perfect company for me as I am very much into organic and recyclable packaging, and quality products rather than pap that is out there with misleading headlines and sales talk. (don’t get me started on celebrity endorsements or those “influencers”!). Certified Organic skincare is hard to find. It means that all of their oils are organic, not just one of the ingredients, and that goes for the packaging too. Ecologically correct in my mind. I can only smell the beard oil, as it is a present for my uncle, but if it works as good as it smells and is presented. They will have another satisfied customer.

  3. Graham T

    Not just a beard oil, although that is what I primarily got it for, but because of the ingredients used it is also good for the skin under my beard, I used to have dry flaky skin, and some oils I used really used to irritate the dryness even more. Because this company only use Organic oils, I guess this helped and now my skin under the beard is non flaky and in great condition, so a double whammy, beard smells superb and well groomed and skin is in good nick too

  4. Karl

    Expensive but such good stuff, does it justify the price? Yes, I believe it does, just looking at the ingredients alone does. It really is the dogs wotsits, no cheap base oils, nothing cheap at all, it just oozes class and style

  5. ALIK

    Vegan, PETA, Certified Organic, certainly ticks all the boxes and worth the money, really enough of all the rubbish I put only beard over the years. Now at my time in life I deserve some quality stuff and this is it.

  6. Paul S

    I took advantage of their special offer of 35% off as always wanted to try this oil after hearing so much about it. It is special, it is for sure not an everyday beard oil, it has a very upmarket scent, n to really a scent to go clubbing with, more for a nice dinner out and suit and tie job. I had flaky dry skin under my beard, but with this beard oil, after just 4 or 5 days, the dryness has gone. A great decision, my husband loves it, he has now purchased his own after using to much of mine.

  7. Roger

    I’ve not used any oils on my beard before – and have suffered with a dry itchy beard rash. This Pure beard oil is amazing, my beard is in better condition and the skin rash has gone. Great. Thank you Pure 🙂

  8. David E.K.

    A present from my wife, she bought it because she loved the smell. Thankfully I do too

  9. Keppa

    I always bought Tom Ford as it was a brand name, but decided to branch out and support smaller companies, much more so in the time of the Corona Virus when the smaller businesses need support. This beard oil is superb, and I am pleased to say even better than Tom Fords. The texture is much smoother, and the scent with the real oud (not chemically produced smell!) is wonderful, it is a slightly sweeter smell then Fords, but this is because it has Rose Otto in it as well, the base oil is Prickly Pear. The overall quality of this brand is amazing, I am surprised that they are not more expensive. I purchased the 50ml bottle, which will last me all year I am certain, even if I use it daily.

  10. Gavin Harber

    If this was less expensive I would by more! The smell is amazing and feels really luxurious. It gives my beard a sheen that does not look greasy. I use more for special occasions rather than every day use, as it is such a special oil.

  11. MP

    This beard oil is one of the best in the market. I have tried many beard oils before I found the one from The PURE Collection. The oil leaves a sleek shine that lasts throughout the day. I have told many of my bearded friends and relatives, and they have switched to this Beard Oil too, expensive, but you get what you pay for. This beard oil is one of the best in the market, I’ve gone through numerous oils before I found the one. It leaves a nice sleek shine, that lasts thoroughly throughout the day. I’ve told so many of my friends and relatives, and they love it just as much as me!

  12. Jose M

    Love it! The price is high but the product is amazing all around. The oil smells great and it leaves me with a manageable and smooth beard after finish and lasts a long in the day too. Maybe price is a bit higher but the product is amazing all around. The leave in conditioner oil smells great, and leaves me with a great smooth after finish and lasts quite long for the day as well!

  13. Jose M

    Love it! The price is high but the product is amazing all around. The oil smells great and it leaves me with a manageable and smooth beard after finish and lasts a long in the day too. Love it! Maybe price is a bit higher but the product is amazing all around. The leave in conditioner oil smells great, and leaves me with a great smooth after finish and lasts quite long for the day as well!

  14. JD

    Superb. Unlike beard oils I used in the past, it did not cause any breakout on my skin. It did provided a very classy smell to my face. I really recommend this product to any bearded man who is looking for a quality product.

  15. Brian

    This beard oil is fantastic, my beard feels great and has a nice consistent feel all day. The scent also seems to last a good while. 100% recommended.

  16. MH

    After many year of using Tom Fords oud beard oil, a bud of mine recommended this, I was so not sad that I tried and now I converted. This brand rocks man, the oil is really moisturising and the smell is goat.

  17. Steve S

    The number one beard oil? Its got the best ingredients for sure, its certified organic which means that the brand has paid for it to be organic and eco friendly, it smells divine, it lasts for hours and only a small amount is needed.

  18. Daryl

    An amazing oil. This has to be the best oil I have used. I do only use this for special nights out, it is rather expensive, but so worth it. The ingredients contained are so special. It has a really classy smell, full of Eastern promise sort of smell, musky, rose, very masculine. I purchased 50ml, I am certain it is going to last me a good year or so.

  19. David Grey

    Baobab, Prickly Pear, Rose Otto, Oud, Just some of the ingredients in this amazing beard oil. Certified Organic too, great for the world and for me!

  20. William Samuel

    Not one for reviews normally, but when something this good appears for a present, I have to tell, it is so good to share a positive experience about a smaller company, this company just goes above and beyond with their unique beard oil, it has such quality ingredients that one would not normally find such as Rose Otto, sandalwood, Oud, Prickly Pear. And not just fragrances scents, these were real oils. I was very impressed and will continue to buy and recommend others

  21. Paul Shane

    I was using Tom Fords Beards oil with Oud Perfume, and decided to try Pure Collections after a recommendation from a friend. What a great decision, the difference is amazing, it is not such a sickly smell, perhaps real oud rather than a man made smell is different, Tom Fords beard oil needs more, Pure Collections only needed 3 drops, it absorbed beautifully into my beard and the smell was, although different from Tom Fords, a much more pleasant smell. It is nice to move away from the big boy brands too!

  22. Roz Ryan

    Having recently discovered this brand, I would highly recommend them, customer service second to none, speed of delivery excellent, the products are all individually wrapped and with a ribbon, and free samples enclosed too. Top class.

  23. Victor Casey

    I used to have a flaky skin and some blotches under my beard, I think it may have been due to many harsh chemicals found in so many products nowadays. It is a relief to find a certified Organic beard oil at last, now my blotches have gone and my skin is moisturised along with my beard. Highly recommended.

  24. Alex Nonfacta

    Arrived next day with free samples too, lovely packaging, glass dropper so not too much is used, you really do not need much, just 2 or 3 drops on my beard. The smell is really great, and pretty unique. This is now my regular beard oil. No itchiness, and absorbs well. Much better value to buy in the large 50ml rather than the small 10ml bottle.

  25. Brian Coulthard

    Excellent beard oil, only real problem is trying to buy this as it is not freely available in many shops, I think they are trying to keep it more exclusive and not appear too much in the mass market. A superb product, and maybe they are correct, it would be a shame if everyone wore this superb oil.

  26. VRS

    I have have tried two Oud scented beard oils in the past, Tom Ford and The Great British Beard Company, both of those smelt very similar to one another. However now using this one ‘Private Blend from The PÜRE Collection’ it smells nothing like the other brands, this has a much more musky masculine smell, not such a chemically sweet smell. People say you get what you pay for, however Tom Fords Oud Beard oil is more expensive, and they do not use not real oud. The PURE Collections Beard Oil is Organic too. I think I prefer to use something that is a bit less chemically on my beard from now on.

  27. Howard Hubertson

    Excellent Beard Oil, dare I say it, maybe the “Best in the World”? Quality over mass production.

  28. Bearded Rebel

    Absolutely love this product. I tend to save this for more special occasions rather than daily use as it has more of a luxurious fell to it. It is worth going and spending the extra to source something natural and unique rather than opting for mainstream, run of the mill mass produced man made chemical-based products. The packaging was sturdy and arrived on time with free samples of other products from The PÜRE Collection range.

  29. Colin Effes

    I have used many beard oils and this one is by far one of the best I have used. The oil leaves your beard soft and shiny and softens the skin beneath as well. The fragrance is amazing and stays in your beard for a long time. My girlfriend kisses me even longer now!

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