Certified Organic ARGAN OIL


Restoring- Soothing – Protecting

Multifunctional oil for face and body, great as a hair conditioner and nail cuticles, eyelashes, scars and stretch marks.
Deeply hydrates and nourishes your skin, minimises fine lines, restores elasticity, improves skin tone, soothes irritation, neutralises free radicals that can cause signs of ageing and protects the skin from harmful environmental agents.


The best known Natural Moisturiser on the Market

Argan Oil is probably the most known natural oil on the market and deserving of all the attention it gets. What makes our Argan Oil stand out from the masses is that it is Certified Organic and is first cold pressed.

Our Oil comes from a small independent cooperative of Berber women with good working conditions and fair wages producer near Agadir in Morocco who we personally visit.

argan oil ladies

The argan fruit on the ground is used, not the fruit still on the tree as they are not ripe enough, and left helping to protect the tree, making it more sustainable.

Once harvested, the nuts are dried  in the sun for several days,  then de-pulped and cracked by hand.

It is important to recognise that often women doing the hard work of hulling and shelling the fruit by hand.

When prepared, the oil is then extracted by machine and filtered several times.

We only use first pressed oil as subsequent pressings are of lower quality, however, these pressings are still sold as Argan Oil, but obviously of a much lower standard.

Filling Argan oil bottles by hand

Certified Organic Argan Oil Benefits

  • Nourishing, moisturising and anti-oxidising.
  • Packed with anti-ageing antioxidant vitamin E and essential fatty acids.
  • A light easily absorbed and non-greasy oil, helping to control oil and sebum production.
  • It deeply hydrates and nourishes your skin, minimising fine lines, improves skin tone, soothes irritation, neutralises free radicals that can cause signs of ageing, and protects the skin from harmful environmental agents.
  • Non comedogenic and containing plant sterols to treat skin concerns from acne to eczema.
  • Helps to improve the skin’s elasticity, supporting healthy skin, and reduces flaking.
  • An excellent oil to use on both your face and body, nourishing, and conditions.
  • It is a superb hair moisturiser as well as a conditioner for cuticles and nails, and if that was not enough, it is also a terrific massage oil.
  • See what our Argan Oil can do for you.

What is inside our Certified Organic Argan Oil?

100% Single origin, Certified Organic First Cold Pressed, unadulterated, Argan Oil.


100% Certified Organic Argan Oil.
100% Natural Ingredients

Vegetarian. Vegan. Cruelty-Free.

Additional information

Weight0.360 kg
Dimensions8.5 × 7.5 × 15.5 cm

10 ml, 100 ml


Argan oil

39 reviews for Certified Organic ARGAN OIL

  1. Linda

    Having used this Argan oil for a couple of years as a moisturiser it does not block my pores, my foundation glides on evenly over it and does not move all day. I also use it to condition my nails, eyebrows and hair. It is as impressive and better than anything I have tried at ten times the price.

  2. Moon

    Argan oil is still my favourite moisturising oil, but its wise to be careful of what you are buying nowadays. Many brands seem to be diluting it I find, or the quality has decreased. The pure company will always stick to quality and trusted. Certified organic, they care about their customers and the planet.

  3. Brooke

    One of my favorite all around oils. I’ve been using this oil on my face on a daily basis as it makes my skin feel smooth and soft. I also use it oncea week in my hair for extra moisture.

  4. Claudie

    I am happy with this argan oil. I use it for my face and hair. Its not heavy, my skin absorbs it well. It only recently staring using so I am hoping to see good results soon.

  5. Evelyn R

    A great oil easily absorbed and wonderfully penetrating. A great body massage oil which doesn’t leave my skin smelling nutty like other argan oils I used.

  6. Janet D

    The Best! Smooth application and easily absorbed!

  7. Jess

    I have used Argon oil for many years but noticed my regular brand becoming more and more expensive. I switched now to this brand, the quality is just as good, if not better (my last brand was not Certified Organic, although until research I was never sure what this meant). The oil has the usual nutty smell, and keeps my lines and wrinkly ‘laughter’ lines at bay. A great price for such a quality product and beautifully presented.

  8. Ken T

    The best oil for me still. I have used Argan oil for many years now, always going for good quality (you have to be careful) The Pure Collection is one of the better quality oils for sure, and a great price when considering it is a 100ml you are getting. My only complaint would be is that the oil comes in a clear bottle and therefore the sunlight could damage the oil over time.

  9. Anna

    I have only just bought the argon oil, but after just a few applications I have ended up with softer skin and much more moisturised and shinier hair. I am also so happy by the way that the seller contacted me after the sale to ask how I was getting on with the oil. There was no sales talk, just a genuine interest and an openness for any questions I may have. This is a great company to deal with.

  10. Josh

    So pleased that I came across this amazing oil and tried it. It is great for hair, nails and as a daytime and bedtime moisturiser. I use it after shaving now too and I have rash after.

  11. Diz

    The aroma is faint and pleasant, an almond smell. The oil absorbs easily into the skin giving long lasting moisture but not at all greasy or sticky. I have afro hair and it moisturises hair and scalp really well. Pleased to see Certified Organic and that the oil is from Morocco. Will be buying again for certain.

  12. Davie

    Excellent Product

  13. Eileen

    This Argan oil is really an excellent product and is very good value , even taking into account the cost of shipping to USA! I have been buying it for some years now and it really suits my skin and occasionally my hair. I now only buy from The pure collection, customer service superb, and if I spend a dollar or two more I even get free shipping and always some free samples.

  14. Yvonne Ellis

    I love using the Argan oil on my skin and hair, however you do need to remember that a little does go a long way’ I did learn this the hard way. My initial experiences were not as good because I used far too much and it resulted in a very sticky messy application. I found that around 1 drop for my face and 2 drops for my shoulder length hair is more than sufficient, (the oil comes with a glass dropper that makes measuring easy) it does need to be worked well as the consistency of the oil is quite thick, although it does absorb easily into skin. After around a months use I noticed that it my skin is more hydrated, and my brittle ended hairs have become softer and healthier. Overall the Argan oil is a great product and works as it promises. I would definitely buy this product again.

  15. SP

    I suffer from very dry hair and specifically bought this to help and have to say it is amazing. A little oil is all that is required and used sparingly on hair. I found it works best when using as an overnight treatment to use, then wrap your hair in a towel overnight. There are so many highly overpriced hair conditioners out there full of chemicals and nasties, and they are really not needed, go back to nature and use this! It is such a bargain compared to the prices of all the speciality hair products.

  16. Davina U

    Having always liked using oils on my dry skin, I discovered Pure collections Argan oil and since then bought nothing else. It is keeping my dry skin well moisturised, and also it is the best thing I have found to heal my dry cuticles and also split ends of my hair. I am pleased that it comes from Morocco as upon doing my research I found that the cheaper less pure oils come from other countries, and of course that the product is organic too is a huge bonus. I believe that it is worth paying for the quality, there are of course cheaper out there, but there are a lot more expensive, I used to use Kahina but for some reason they are almost twice the price.

  17. Rebecca Southuntom

    I use this sparingly on my face and neck. It has definitely made my skin more supple and nourished looking. I use it in the morning and night and my skin drinks it in. I believe it is slowing the signs of ageing compared to other women my age. I have also used it on my damp hair after shampooing. It helps give my hair vitality and shine and tends not to be so dry.

  18. Karen Jones

    Love this product. I use it on my hair. It keeps it from drying out and makes it shine. I will definitely use it again.

  19. Pascal Chevier

    I am very happy to have found this, it is difficult to find such a pure and certified oil. So many fakes out there, but pleased to have at last found a good quality, honest product.

  20. PM

    A regular user of Pure’s products, and have to say they now have me for life!

  21. BB. T.

    I have been using Argan oil since it became trendy and was about to give in as it the market seemed to be awash with so many cheap substitutes, then I found PURE, they have converted me! I have purchased several items from them now, all top quality and customer service second to none. (and free samples when ordered direct I found!)

  22. PB

    I love this product, it has really helped my skin. There is a notable difference in the softness of my skin and also my complexion just looks better after just a couple of weeks of use.

  23. I. Thomas

    I use twice a day now, and have been for a couple of months. I used to use ridiculously priced named ‘famous’ brands, and can honestly say I am much happier with the results I am seeing from this Argan Oil alone.

  24. PJ Baron

    Thank you, at last, an honest company, no hype, no fake promises, it is what it says it is. Just 100% Pure certificated Argan Oil. Just what I wanted and ordered and am LOVING.

  25. JB

    Sublime, Amazing!

  26. Jake T.

    Lovely product, I use it twice a day, also on my youngest sons face, it is not oily or gritty, it is smooth compared to others I’ve used, worth the extra money for sure.

  27. Cecila T

    Packaging is amazing, my husband bought this for me for no reason, (I have a lovely husband!) the oil goes such a long way, I only need a drop or two for my face, it is not greasy and absorbs well, he bought me a large bottle, this is going to be a long journey.

  28. Patricia S

    This was purchased for my very dry brittle hair, over the years I have tried all those expensive remedies, most seemed to work for a week or so, and then that was it. Being vary lacklustre about this purchase, I gave it a go. I conditioned my hair using just 4 or 5 drops, if felt silky as I was rubbing into my scalp, I let my hair dry naturally under a towel. I repeated this every other day for a couple of weeks and now I can say truly it has transformed my hair. No longer dry brittle unworkable, I am so pleased, I am now able to go to the hairdressers and have some nice style done on it. At last.

  29. Theresa Cowes

    Nice to see ‘Certified Organic’ on a product, this leads me to trust a company from the offset. So many ‘Naturals’ and “real’. I expect and pay for quality. Superb fast next day delivery, luxuriously packaged, and what’s inside the bottle makes this Argan Oil so special, not runny like water, no strong smell, a fine silky feel. Most important it works.

  30. Rose T.

    Delivered the next day, super fast delivery. Non Greasy and absorbs real quick. I use daily as moisturiser, and after a minute of applying I apply my make up.

  31. Tina Panofsky

    This was bought after my doctor recommended trying Argan Oil for an after operation scar. I have been using for 2 weeks now, and the scar has greatly reduced, my teenage daughter has started to use it on her hair too so it looks like next time I am going to have to buy a bigger bottle.

  32. Bridget Dobson-Browne

    This oil is beautiful and after only one application on my face I noticed an improvement. I had this silly notion that the more expensive a product the better it would be. I was guilty of this myself. I have now grown up and realised quality over hype.

  33. Mary Abramovicci

    Argan Oil has always been my chosen daily moisturiser, I have been a fan before it was even trendy and mass produced as it is now. There are so many choices from the Poundshops to the ridiculose priced (just because its a ‘name’ I do not fall for hype). I guess I have always been choosy on what I put on my skin, I read an article about ‘The Pure Collection’ In Vogue, and was most impressed, it seemed they were slightly above the competition by being honest in all they do. It has taken me time to notice all the fancy words out there with absolutely no meaning, I was looking for good quality Argan Oil, ethically sourced and Organic, Certified Organic too. I am now on my 2nd bottle, and this is now my regular Argan oil, it is great for skin, my hair every other week, and my cuticles.

  34. R. Elliot

    I have had eczema on my hands and wrists for many years, as you may know this produces a red rash and can be extremely itchy at times. I have been using this Argan oil for a while now, I have stopped using my medicinal drugs as I find the Oil here clams my itchiness and the rash although not disappeared, has receded. I much prefer to use Certified Organic product rather than chemicals and so far this has helped me a lot. I keep a bottle by my bedside and next to me in the lounge.

  35. Anna

    At last I have found a top quality Argan Oil, Organic, you can tell the difference for sure, it is the price I would expect to pay for this fine oil. I purchased just the small size to try, and I will from now of be buying the larger 100ml size. The packaging is so beautiful, and good to see it is all recyclable too.

  36. Charlie E.

    This is the best oil for cracked skin on the heels of feet and elbows, after a few applications the skin became soft.

  37. Sarah Townsend

    Argan oil, what a flooded market. It takes some research to find quality Argan oil, so many cheap and inferior products abound. I found some oils so cheap, but alas it seems you get what you pay for. For the best you have to use Pure!

  38. Jane Bates

    Beautifully packaged and presented. I have tried Argan Oil many times in the past, but on the whole they have been ‘average’. This time I decided to go for quality and the organic to see if it really was different, and although I was cynical, it has to be said yes, there was a difference, there is no nasty smell, and the oil seems to be much thicker and therefore I am using less, it is easily absorbed into my skin and it feels much more hydrated. So OK, its a few pennies more, but I have now found out, for quality, it pays to pay a little more.

  39. Pearl Bassini

    After using inferior Argan oils on my skin, I wanted to try quality, after much searching online I found The Pure Collections Argan. Oil, I read with interest that it was truly organic and certified and first cold pressed, this was important to me. The. Argan oil comes beautifully presented and is an ideal gift. Straight away you can tell it is an oil of quality, it has very little odour, not like some of the inferior brands I used in the past, and after rubbing into the skin the nutty smell disapeared completely. It has left my skin feeling really soft, not at all greasy, I use every other evening before retiring to bed.

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