What is PhytoHealth?

What is PhytoHealth?

So how did we come to the word ‘PhytoHealth‘?

‘Phyto’ derives from the Greek meaning ‘plants’ or ‘plant related’, and ‘Health’ a derision from Old English refers to the ‘state of complete physical, mental and social well-being’, not just the state of being free from illness or injury.

So what better combination of words to express our commitment to total well-being than with the utilisation of multi-purposeful synergistical botanicals achieved through the constituents of individual oils and blends.

We coined and trademarked the word PhytoHealth as it totally embraces our brand’s conviction in the power of botanicals in our quest for efficacy and purity in a world full of promises, manufactured potions, naturally derived, synthetically produced, and even magically concocted skincare formulations.

We developed a line of products specifically addressing skin nutrition, with transformative results utilising natural ingredients.

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Botanical Ingredients

We utilise botanical ingredients synergistically in meticulous and proven formulations with the aim of promotion and the restoration of your skin.

It is through the culmination and dedication of years of research and development that PhytoHealth Botanical Serums, a line of botanicals formulated for unparalleled quality and efficacy.

Since we experienced first-hand what harm synthetic products can actually do to your health, our ethos and conviction had been that the use of botanicals is far better for your general well-being than any man made chemical (synthetic) produced products can be.

The natural versus synthetic battle is dated and rhetorical, in our opinion, not all man-made chemistry is bad. There are simple good ingredients – safe, effective, sustainable and formulated correctly, also there are the bad ingredients – harmful or ineffective.

As a brand, we are not saying that synthetic products do not have their place or are blatantly bad for you, what we are saying is that given the choice, why not use a natural product with multiple synergistical abilities, over a product containing a one dimensional synthetic one?

There are no synthetic ingredients that are as multi-faceted as many botanical oils are inherently.

The general purpose of manufacturing and utilising man-made chemical products is to achieve a specific aim. The remit is to achieve a single result, be it specific, to decrease the appearance of wrinkles, or general, relieve anxiety. However what if you are able to use a product whose aim is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles whilst it systematically also helps relieve anxiety.

Essential Oils

Essential Oil effects are complex and subtle due to their complex structure and chemical properties.

The mechanism of their action involves integration into a biological signal of the receptor cells. Once the oils are in the system, they remodulate themselves and work at the site of malfunction or at the affected area/s.

As a skincare brand, we advocate the use of botanicals for their intended purpose, not for any residual benefits you are hoping to achieve.

Let’s take an example of a well known ingredient found in anti-ageing products.

Vitamin A

Scientists working on formulations containing Vitamin A to treat acne noticed that patients’ skin showed signs of fewer wrinkles, better colour and a youthful glow.

Vitamin A promotes the regeneration of the skin, similar to Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) which can be both natural or synthetic, but at a deeper level using different mechanisms, and normal cell turnover can be halved from around 28 to just 14 days.

Vitamin A also promotes the synthesis of the skin proteins, collagen and elastin by inhibiting the production of collagenase and elastase – the enzymes that destroy such fibres.

There are many chemical forms of Vitamin A. The most efficient in skin products is the acidic form, all-trans-retinoic acid also known as Tretinoin, is a natural derivative of retinol which itself is a synthetic, but it is so strong that it is classified as a drug rather than cosmetic active.

It should be noted here that retinol is a synthetic derivative of Vitamin A.

Vitamin A can not be produced in the body so it needs to be supplied by diet or topical application.

Since all-trans-retinoic acid can not be used in commercial anti-ageing products, the second best thing is the alcohol form of Vitamin A – retinol.

This is less effective but it does visibly rejuvenate the skin.

However, retinol is unstable and would change its structure and efficacy in the product, so chemists had to come up with alternatives to produce similar effects.

By chemically modifying retinol they produced the stable ester, retinyl palmitate, another synthetic.

This ester penetrates the skin, where enzymes break it down into the active retinol.

Chemists have also used the technique of microencapsulation to stabilise and protect the vitamin involving packing the unstable active ingredients inside a small shell (between 1μm and 0.1 mm diameter), made up of various polymers.

To date, Vitamin A is the only active ingredient that has been proven to reverse the signs of ageing.

As Vitamin A is the only active ingredient proven so far to reverse the signs of ageing, why not obtain the appearance you want naturally?

Use botanical products rich in phytochemicals such as carotenes found in Carrot Seed Oil and Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil or Bakuchiol, another phytochemical derived from the babchi plant.

These are all naturally rich sources of provitamin A which is able to convert to a bio-retinal, an active form of Vitamin A.

The PÜRE Collection

Taking nothing to chance, we ensure total control of each of our products, from the conception in our studio to the research and development in our laboratory, to manufacturing and packing.

Each step of the production is conducted in-house.

Achieving the results we aspire to requires dedication, time, resources, and a commitment to craftsmanship to which we adhere.

Our researchers are working on the development of new products as the science of botany is continuously growing and developing with The PÜRE Collection at the forefront of this innovation.

PhytoHealth can be expanded to include not only what you put on your skin but also what you eat, and how you live.

Our Products

At present our Intense, Revitalising Serum and Beard Oil are the products that are in our PhytoHealth Botanical Serum range.

Our Intense Serum is particularly good for specific areas of the skin, and fine lines and dark shadows on your skin.

It contains Sea Buckthorn, however, not the Seed Oil which is normally added to other skincare products, we use the Fruit Oil, as after much testing we found this to be much more beneficial.  Sea Buckthorn does have a very high Carotene content. (High in Vitamin A and a great anti oxidant)

In Contrast, our Revitalising Serum is a great for the whole face, it contains Baobab and Helichrysum oils both of which are excellent for the softening of skin

Our Revitalising and Intense Serums contain PhytoPlankton from the coastline of Canada, a vegan product full of enzymes and minerals to provide moisture and cell rejuvenation.

Our top selling Beard Oil is also part of our PhytoHealth range containing Oud, Rose Otto and Prickly Pear.

We are proud to introduce PhytoHealth™ not just as a skincare formulation, but as a lifestyle.

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