The PÜRE Collection -our story

PÜRE by name, pure by nature


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Hello, we are Robert Mars and Stephen Scarman, founders of The PÜRE Collection, and this is how an everyday walk down a street led to an all-too-close-brush with death, which in turn led us to put everything we have into turning the beauty business on its head, through The PÜRE Collection, home of the purest, healthiest skincare possible.

Our journey begins in the warm fragrant breeze of the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, southern Morocco, in our award-winning boutique hotel and PÜRE Spa retreat, set in a landscape studded with wild-growing argan trees and prickly pear cacti.

Taking the PÜRE Spa experience home.

We’d have continued happily as we were, if it hadn’t been for what happened next.

How often have you walked past a building or statue being cleaned and thought nothing of it? Why would you? But what if the cleaning products have the power to harm or even kill you? It sounds dramatic, but that’s exactly what happened to Stephen.

A couple of months after walking past a statue being cleaned, Stephen fell ill and was diagnosed with Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia (COP) a rare lung disease that can trigger a severe immune response. The cause was believed to be his exposure to the harsh cleaning chemicals. Thankfully Stephen received excellent care and made a full recovery, only to fall ill again, this time with cancer, which he has thankfully recovered from.

The Synthetic Face of Beauty.

Shaken by what happened, we looked closely into the chemicals that surround us and which are used in skincare – our area of greatest impact.

We were horrified to discover that even the most expensive and premium skincare brands use man-made chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Were all these chemicals safe? Had they been tested with the other chemicals we are exposed to?

Stunned, we determined to make a difference by creating the best, purest, healthiest and most beneficial natural skincare possible.

We already used natural oils in our formulations, but we soon discovered that wasn’t enough. To ensure our products are pure, the ingredients needed to be organic too – grown as nature intended, in soil free from toxic pesticides and not sprayed with deadly chemicals. If you’d like to know more about organic ingredients, please see our article The difference between natural and organic.

Choosing to use organic ingredients was an easy decision, but not a cheap one. The growing methods mean that organic ingredients are nearly always more expensive. Compared to the price of your health, and that of the people and communities where our ingredients are grown, we believe they are worth every penny.

Purity in business as well as product. Do things differently, and better, means being transparent. We list every ingredient, so you know exactly what you’re putting onto your skin (and into your body – after all, your skin is your body’s largest organ and absorbs what you put onto it).

Never hiding behind vague terms such as ‘fragrance or parfum’ seen on so many other skincare products. We formulate our products in-house, rather than outsourcing, to maintain our incredibly high standards. And our products are independently verified and certified organic by Ecocert, one of the world’s leading organic certification bodies.

Never ones to sit still, we’re constantly looking to create new, better, more effective oil blends and formulations, and have recently launched PhytoHealth™, our botanical range created to give your skin transformative care, with results you can see and feel.

At The PÜRE Collection our mission is to give you the best, cleanest and healthiest certified organic oil blends and skincare in the world. We wouldn’t touch them, let alone make them, if they were anything else.

We hope you love them as much as we do.