Our Story

PÜRE by name, pure by nature


The distant memory of driving past the Argan trees and Prickly Pear cacti bellowing in the gentle breezes of southern Morocco brings me past Dar Mansour, our PÜRE spa retreat nested at the foot of the Atlas Mountains to Riad El Mansour, our award-winning boutique hotel and PÜRE spa in the heart of Marrakech.    These PÜRE spas, little retreats tucked away from the everyday hustle and bustle were a sanctuary completely devoted to the senses, a temple of wellbeing, dedicated to health, holistic healing and rejuvenation.

Our guests requested our oils repeatedly, often long after arriving home.  Recognising that our guests craved the luxury and skincare benefits of our exclusive holistic signature treatments, beyond the walls of their hotel & spa experience, we founded The PÜRE Collection.

In the process of creating and developing The PÜRE Collection, Stephen, one of the founders, was diagnosed with Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia (COP) after walking along the pavement past a public statue being cleaned with harsh chemicals. Furthermore, within a couple of months of being released from hospital, he was diagnosed with cancer. Can you imagine the devastation we felt, the hurt and anger that this was brought about by the multitude of unnecessary pollutants and man-made chemicals abundantly found in our everyday lives?  We just did not want to do something, we HAD to do something. Angry?  You bet we were!  And he was not alone. One in 5 men and 1 in 6 women worldwide develop cancer during their lifetime, causing 9.6 million deaths in 2018. You can very well be one, something must be done.

Consequently, by thinking about the chemicals and impurities found in everyday products, we were horrified to discover that even the most commercial, expensive skincare brands use non-natural chemicals and synthetic, potentially harmful, ingredients as a matter of course.

Since its inception, The PÜRE Collection has drawn inspiration from nature to formulate its award-winning skincare.  We have developed Phyto-Health™, a botanical line so clean, natural, pure and organic, that its simplicity will evolve you over time to give you transformative results for the look and feel your skin deserves.   The skincare routine of the future, recognising health and beauty equally, without compromising one for the other.

Our brand is 100% transparent. Our honesty and transparency are reflected in the fact that we formulate in-house, we never out-source, and do not hide behind vague terminology as ‘fragrance or parfum’ that many brands do. We list exactly what is in the bottle so you know exactly what you will be applying to your skin.

Our Certified Organic ingredients are the most Pure and Premium available on the market.

  Robert Mars & Stephen Scarman                (Founders)