About PÜRE

The PÜRE Collection logo

We are a Premium

Organic line of skincare.

We only use the finer ingredients, sometimes rare, always sustainable and exotic such as Oud, Bulgarian Rose Otto and Frankincense.

Award Winning

We have won awards for our skincare and mentioned in the press numerous times.

We are Clean 

Our products contain natural, organic and in most cases certified organic ingredients.

We add no man-made chemicals, toxic ingredients, colourings or added fragrances, scents or perfumes.

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No Animal Testing

We never test on animals and are members of PETA, and registered with the FDA in the USA.

Adhering to a fixed cut-off date policy and proactively monitor our suppliers to ensure that our products continue to adhere to their criteria.

Our supplier monitoring system is independently audited.

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All Natural

Our products are specifically formulated in small batches to ensure freshness.

Produced as nature intended, they are formulated by our in-house aromatherapist based on extensive research and development.

We are Sustainable

We are determined to ensure The PÜRE Collection is as pure, natural, organic and man-made chemical-free as possible using quality and sustainable ingredients.

No White or Private Labelling

We formulate all our products in-house to maintain our high standards.

We would not consider using the same mass produced product that could be used by several other brands.

What is White and Private labelling?

We are Transparent

Transparent skincare means controlling our brand to keep it pure, from sourcing the raw materials up to packaging the final product.

We ethically and sustainably produce a line that is both superior in its composition and environmentally durable and responsible.

ALL of the ingredients we use, are found both on our website and packaging.

We do not use greenwashing, a practice where brands market themselves to be greener and more eco friendly than they actually could be.


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