Neroli Oil


Antiseptic, Antimicrobial, Antioxidant, Clarifying, Replenishing


Made from the freshly picked flowers of the bitter orange tree Neroli has a beautiful, delicate, floral scent with a hint of orange.

Morocco, France, and Egypt commercially grow the Orange Blossom tree.

It is a very expensive oil to produce. It takes around 450 kilograms of orange blossom flowers to make 0.45 litres of Neroli oil.

The flowers go through a lengthy extraction process, traditionally via hydro-distillation or steam distillation.

The orange peel produces the bitter orange essential oil, the leaves make the petitgrain oil.

Sometimes Petitgrain is added to Neroli diluting it, making it less expensive.


Neroli is rejuvenating for all skin types, especially dry, mature or problem skin having revitalising properties, with naturally soothing, anti inflammatory properties.

It is a natural, anti-bacterial giving it blemish fighting properties and helps lock in moisture leaving the skin feeling softer, and replenished.

Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars, as it stimulates cell growth and cellular activity helps it to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin.

Our pure organic Neroli oil originates from Morocco.


This wonderful oil is great for insomnia, tension, headaches, vertigo, anxiety, shock, headaches, depression and stomach upsets.

Therapeutic properties of the oil include anti depressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, deodorant, digestive, emollient, sedative and tonic.

Our Intense Serum, Detox Mask with Fleur D’Orange, Private Blend Beard Oil, Face Spritzer with Phytoplankton and Neroli and our Soap on a Rope all contain Neroli Oil.

Detox mask Fleur package


In the 14th century the Spanish introduced the tree to Florida where it thrived. Florida is now one of the world’s largest producer of oranges.

The oil was named after a 16th century Princess from Nerola Italy.

Marie Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte loved Neroli oil, using it every day as a fragrance or aftershave.






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