The Magic of Gold Flakes

Gold has long been used as an anti-ageing ingredient, it has a quality that has been appreciated for centuries, in fact evidence of the therapeutic use of gold nanoparticles appears in Indian literature as early as 2500 BC,

We add 22k Gold flakes to our Argan Oil to help protect against free radicals that accelerate the ageing of the skin due to the content of golds antioxidants.

Argan Oil with 22k Gold Flakes

Gold also helps repair skin damage whilst adding radiance and glow. It improves skin elasticity, giving it a firming effect and combating environmental aggressors and daily pollutants.

It also works to stimulate the production of your natural collagen levels and can help to reduce collagen loss.

Gold has strong anti-inflammatory properties which means it can help soothe skin conditions such as acne and calm the redness from rosacea, it is ideal for sensitive skin.

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It is important to note that some people have an allergy to gold, we therefore advise you to do a patch test prior to usage to make sure that it will not irritate your skin.