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New Technology Horrors

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The Horrors of New Technology

After having worked most of our working life in an age when humans ruled the office, and common daily use of computers where still in their infancy, it has been quite a challenge to start anew with not only a new career, but with new computer technology that seems to be advancing far quicker than we both are.

Would we be embracing  all this technology if it were not for our business other than maybe Facebook for our own personal use?  Almost certainly not.  

Social Media

As for technological software programmes, online gaming  and even social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and the list goes on and on with new ones added what appears to be overnight, these are a whole world unto themselves with their, language, social etiquettes and structures.

alex iby HeFtpMLUscE unsplash

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

Our office library consisted of rows of tomes, not chips.

Physically we are not nearly as old as computer technology makes us feel.  Seeing children as young as three play video and learning games  with as much knowledge and gusto as we had did with board games and abacus (remember those?), instantly makes us feel both ancient and shame, now we quickly hide the pen and notepad we still carry around in our pocket. Our  salvation is that I doubt the kids of today know they are, let alone know how to use them.

Having leapt head first into the 21st century, we have taken on board all this technology, embracing, (albeit grudgingly)  what needs to be learnt and doing so with much yelling, screaming and at times hair pulling, however we are getting there and learning new things every day.


Who would have known that Chaps are not necessarily my friends but Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol, WEP is not to be done with tissue in hand when frustrated but Wide-area network, DAM is not a word spouted in frustration,  but Database activity monitoring.

So as each day comes we embrace computer technology and become more and more proficient.

We are no longer petrified of it, but slowly easing away from being afraid and accepting it as our friend.

We are determined not to let technology beat us and it won’t.

It’s all about the size

Now when we are hear the phrase “we need more RAM”, we do not run in panic.

We now know it is time to increase our computer memory and “spreadsheets” assigned to Excel.

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Photo by Livin4wheel on Unsplash

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