Benefits of Certified Organic Skincare

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People tend to think what they put into their bodies to eat healthily, but less so what they put onto their skin.

Not only is Certified Organic Skincare better for the environment, it is also better for your health and well being.

Our food is broken down by the digestive system, our liver flushes away harmful toxins, but when we put synthetic chemicals onto our skin, they enter into our bloodstream.

Non Organic Skincare products could contain harmful ingredients

Many non organic skincare products include an astonishing amount of harmful man made chemicals including formaldehyde or parabens.

From the list of the ingredients seen on a product of a non-organic skincare product you will probably not recognise many of the ingredients, these are usually the ones that contain the synthetic chemicals. 

Do look for Perfumes or Fragrances, these are allowed to be used by brands to cover a huge amount of synthetic, man-made chemicals. 

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Organic Skincare product ingredients

Look for a similar product that is Certified Organic, and now look at the ingredients list, you will probably recognise most, if not all of them.

Certified Organic ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides or man made chemicals, therefore skin is absorbing natural ingredients.

Organic products are less likely to cause allergic reactions

Skincare products that are Organic are less likely to cause allergic reactions than non organic due to containing no synthetic or toxic chemicals.

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Organic is Healthier for your Skin

Skincare products that contain synthetic chemicals could cause harm that may not be recognisable immediately or even long term, however they are invasive.

The chemical elements contained may provide instant gratification with use, but the chemicals could damage and weaken the skin causing ageing.

Organic Skincare products help preserve the Environment


Organic products only use naturally grown ingredients free from toxic pesticides and fertilisers, leaving less harmful footprints on the planet.

We believe that the cosmetic industry really needs to consider how to position itself as an environmentally responsible industry.

By using natural products from organic farming, you are helping to minimise the environmental impact and support the sustainability of the environment.

benefits of certified organic skincare

Making the switch to Certified Organic Skincare has numerous advantages, including making your skin, and the planet a lot better.

The ingredients support organic agriculture and are sourced from organic farmers.

Organic farming also plays a key role in helping to tackle climate change.

Organic soils are around 25% more effective at storing carbon in the long term.

What Ingredients does The PÜRE Collection use?

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We are Certified to COSMOS standard by Ecocert, and all our ingredients are Ethically and Sustainably sourced.

We offer you pure, certified organic ingredients.

Why companies may not want to verify their authenticity

At present there are no legal definitions of the meaning of the words ‘Organic’ and ‘Natural’ for cosmetic brands, and it is very easy to market and ‘Greenwash‘ anything on a label, and certainly on marketing a product.

We feel that so called ‘clean beauty’ should go beyond more than just a marketing claim, and go with clean agriculture, soil, ingredient harvesting, and manufacturing practices, recognising that every element in the process of creating the end product has a positive, clean impact.

The large financial cost of obtaining certification from Ecocert, the bureaucracy involved, and consumption of time it takes, could be used for other considerations, however, our customers are important, and we know they require and expect, quality over quantity.

What it means to be Certified to COSMOS Standard.

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COSMOS stands for ‘COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard’.

It is a globally recognised regulatory body that set the requirements for the Certification of Organic and natural products in Europe.

The COSMOS guidelines encourage sustainable production and consumption.

Cosmetic brands could show a positive environmental message to their customers by undertaking self regulated implementations such as being COSMOS organic certified through internationally recognised bodies as Ecocert and The Soil Association,

How are Organic products Certified?

The road for obtaining certification is rigorous, extremely time consuming and costly.

A brand subjects themselves, and their working environment to continuous monitoring and annual audits from their Certification Body, everything from the sourcing of raw materials, the packaging, carbon footprints, recycling, taking samples for laboratory analysis, shipping the finished product to the consumer are all monitored.

At the end of the process if the brand passes, the certification body issues the certification, this is then communicated to customers through the wording on labels and the attachment of the governing bodies logo.

The Certified Organic Benefit 

Certified Organic is strong, it guarantees clean and safe ingredients and there are never any questionable chemicals in ANY of the products that display the Certified Organic logo.

It also holds manufacturers accountable by verifying that what is ‘on’ the label matches with what is actually ‘in’ the product, therefore making it easy for the customer to understand the ingredient list and trust the ingredients in their products.

It also means that every part of the supply chain has adhered to a standard, from the planting of the seeds to audit checks and testing of each ingredient as it moves from soil to skin.

The result is that you are putting a clean product on your skin, feeding your skin with natural ingredients to balance it without any harsh or harmful chemicals.

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Certified Organic tells you what is NOT in your skincare, so that we can concentrate on what IS.

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