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Beard Oil with Oud

Private Blend Beard Oil

A rich, thick, beautifully conditioned and well groomed beard is the goal with many men, and the reason our totally pure natural beard oil containing real oud is proving to be such a bestseller.

Beard oil containing Real Oud

Naturally Good

All styles of beards, moustaches and whiskers will feel softened, conditioned and beautifully groomed with this all natural pure blend beard oil.

It is formulated to penetrate beard follicles, moisturising even the driest, longest and unruliest of beards.

The lightweight formula is designed to moisturise the beard and the skin beneath, keeping the facial whiskers healthy and soft  without adding weight, greasiness or artificial shine.

The natural cleansing properties of the oils help to keep the skin clean and clear of beard dandruff and blemishes, whilst the anti ageing oils help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It is suitable for all skin types including dry, acne prone and sensitive skin.

Whats Inside our Beard Oil

99% Certified Organic, our Private Blend Gentleman’s Beard Oil with Oud is a natural Beard Oil for growth and conditioning.

We make our beard oil by creating a base of a blend of Prickly Pear Seed, Marula and Baobab Oils which condition and moisturise the hair and the skin.

These base oils are infused with rare, sustainable and exotic Organic oils include Oud, renowned as much for its exquisite aroma as its anti ageing skin benefits

Other superb oils are Neroli to purify, Helichrysum for growth promotion, and Rose Otto, which has great soothing properties, all blended to smell incredible whilst nurturing, reducing redness and softening the beard and skin.

We always use real, pure, authentic seed oils and essential oils.
No imitations, man-made chemicals, synthetic scents, perfumes or fragrances.

How to use

For best results, the Beard Oil is best applied to a freshly cleansed beard directly after a bath or shower.

Put two or three drops of the Beard Oil into the palms of your hands, rub your palms together to warm the oil, and then massage into your beard.

If required, use a comb or brush to distribute throughout and style as normal.

The lightweight and non greasy oil is quickly and easily absorbed.


Oud (Agarwood) Oil Benefits

Oud wood,

Nourishing, revitalising, anti ageing, anti inflammatory and anti microbial.

Oud Oil helps to calm and sooth the skin, removing the bacteria, fighting blemishes and keeps the beard in good health. It has a rich, sweet woody aroma helps to ease stress and calm the senses.

Prickly Pear Seed Oil Benefits

Prickly Pear

Antioxidant, nourishing and moisturising.

Our Prickly Pear seeds are cold pressed retaining the oil’s incredibly high level of antioxidant vitamin E which helps to defend skin from ageing and vitamin K which helps to repair and soften skin.

Baobab Oil Benefits

Baobab Seeds

Healing, anti inflammatory, softening, soothing, rejuvenating and antioxidant.

The Baobab tree is known for its incredible oil which is cold pressed from the seeds. The oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids helping to boost skin’s elasticity and lock in moisture and help repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Baobab is a natural choice for healthy hair.

Marula Oil Benefits


Antioxidant, nourishing, hydrating and moisturising.

This light and easily absorbed oil is a deceptively rich moisturiser, and contains  amino acids, fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins E and C, making it a naturally anti ageing, soothing and smoothing, free radical fighting oil.

Rose Otto Oil Benefits


Antiseptic, astringent and tonic.

One of the world’s most precious essential oils, it takes dozens of rosebuds to make just a few drops of this incredible oil. The amazing aroma from Rose Otto is soothing and the the oil has healing and rejuvenating properties helping to support the skin’s vitality whilst calming your skin and your emotions.

Helichrysum Oil Benefits


Soothing, antiseptic, soothing and softening.

The oil from this Mediterranean plant can help to promote healing, fight infection and reduce inflammation. It is a natural choice oil for use on skin that can be easily upset.

Full Ingredient List

Prickly Pear Seed*
Rose Otto*
Clary Sage*

*Certified Organic Ingredients

99% Certified organic ingredients 100% Natural ingredients

Vegetarian. Vegan. Cruelty-Free

Beardy Facts

In the Victorian era, beards were recommended by UK doctors to help keep men healthy.

An estimated 33% of American men have facial hair.

According to Forbes, only 2% of the world’s richest men have facial hair.

Mens beards grow on average 5.5 inches a year.

Jeremy Corbyn was the first bearded man to lead a British political party for over 100 years.

The height of British beardery was mid 19th century, almost all MPs had beards or moustaches, neatness was a sign of effeminacy.

Facial hair grows quicker on a man after an absence of sex.

55% of men around the world have a beard or some facial hair.

The longest recorded beard in the world was on a Norwegian man in 1927, at 17 feet, 6 inches.

The only rank in the British Army allowed to grow a beard is Pioneer Sergeant.

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