Are you Sure you are Using Organic ?

Are you Sure you are Using Organic ?

Are you using real Organic beauty products?

Are you certain that you are in fact using an Organic product that is free of harmful and artificial chemicals?

According to ‘The Soil Association’, the UK’s largest Organic Certification body, misleading and misrepresented product labels on cosmetics and beauty products mean that many of us are splashing our faces, bodies and hair with potentially harmful chemicals, as we are lead to believe the products we are buying are ‘Organic’

Did you know that there is currently no legislation for organic cosmetics, meaning that any company can describe its products as ‘Organic’ regardless of how the product was made or how much Organic material it contains?

The fact is, many cosmetic companies are doing just this.
Do a quick internet search, check Amazon, E-bay and the multiple beauty e-commerce websites, and you will see a plethora of beauty companies professing to sell ‘Organic’, but if you dig a bit deeper and you will see that the majority of them are not.

But it can become even more complicated because many companies are still abusing this loophole by simply buying a ‘Certified Organic’ product from a supplier and then just repackaging it by putting it into their own packeting and then claiming that they are selling a ‘Certified Organic’ product when in fact they are not.
A little-known fact: An Organic product purchased from a supplier does not keep the certification once it has been repackaged by the seller, so by advertising that the product you are buying is ‘Certified Organic’ is false advertising.
A 2017 study by the Soil Association showed that 76% of consumers felt misled by the labelling of beauty products as ‘Organic’, there is now lobbying on both sides of the Atlantic to address this issue, but of course with strong opposition from the big cosmetic companies.
It is likely to be a long arduous fight, but in the meantime, how can you know if your beauty products are truly ‘Organic’ or not?

The surge of Organic products over recent years is due to the fact that so many consumers are demanding them, this is a good thing, but there is also a downside as many companies whose products say they are ‘Organic’ on the label really are not that at all, using the lack of legislation for their own profit and exploitation of the public.
It is best to look for the brands that have had their products ‘Officially Certified’ as Organic. In The United States it is the ‘USDA’.
In Europe the ‘Soil Association’, ‘BDIH’, ‘Cosmebio’, ‘Ecocert’ and ‘ICEA’ have teamed up to form an internationally recognised Cosmetic Organic standard known as ‘COSMOS’ to ensure that beauty products meet the standards they claim to.
Look for the logo of one of these organisations along with the recognised Organic logo on all cosmetics claiming to be ‘Organic’.
The Organic certification belongs to the company that originally applied for and obtained it, but it does not pass along the supply chain to the seller.
Buy only from those companies that have gone to the time and expense to become ‘Certified Organic’ by one of the leading certification companies mentioned above and from companies who are honest and sincere in both their beliefs and convictions about using Organic products, only then will you be guaranteed that you are buying a genuine Organic product.
The cosmetic company from whom you buy should be transparent and verifiable with back up documentation and reports in their possession on each product.
So the bottom line is how do you know if the product you want to buy is actually organic if the certified organic label shown next to the product is genuinely belongs to it, you may want to go to the official website of the certifier, such as the Soil Association, Eccocert, etc and see if the cosmetic company from whom you want to buy is listed, if they are, you can be sure you are buying a genuine Organic product. If not, you may be buying a product that is not ‘Certified Organic’ and you are paying a premium for that product and helping the company’s financial gain and an accomplice to their continuing exploitation and immoral cover-up.
It is very much an eye opener to see not just the smaller brands abusing the ‘Organic’ market, but also well known larger ones.
Remember, we at The PÜRE Collection are Not Fake, Just PURE.

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